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    Did both of you fail to notice that that this article never mentions where that ad money was actually spent? Android has 25%, which is guaranteed to be 25% that is NOT going to Apple. That leaves the other 75% of mobile ad spending. Do you honestly think iAds is getting 75% of all mobile ad spending? If so, you're delusional (especially since the article states they're still third in mobile advertising). The fact is Google doesn't really care which platform...
  Why? How is that any different than Electronic Arts advertising an iOS game? The whole notion of the App Store being a "meritocracy" is kind of a farce. Companies that can afford to advertise are going to have better sales than those that can't. Especially companies like EA that can just take on an iOS icon for games that are being released on multiple platforms. No different than Adobe advertising iPad versions of apps, etc.
  I've always found these sorts of comments idiotic. What's just about the first thing most people do with their iPhone? Slap it in case where you might see bits and pieces of the original phone peeking out. However slick or beautiful it might be, it doesn't really matter since you're basically hiding it anyhow. 
  You could take actions on multiple messages before this release. But you had to hit the checkbox beside each and every message (which is a pretty small target). In this version, once you select the checkbox for one message, you can then just tap anywhere in other messages to select them. That's what they're talking about.
    So since everyone who doesn't trash Google on this site is inevitably called a paid shill, can I assume you're a paid shill for these app developers?   And no offense, but it's easy to list the Amazing! features that your Incredible! and Awesome! app has, it's another thing to actually back it up.
  Weird, I use gmail exclusively and I NEVER see spam. Not sure how you're using it wrong. But whatever, continue to spout BS.   When I used Hotmail, I could get over a hundred spam messages a day easily.
I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic, but assuming you're not, you sound like an idiot.   1) This and other similar services (Square, etc.) were basically designed for businesses with an employee count of 1. It allows merchants who couldn't previously accept credit card payments to now be able to: craft show merchants, farmer's market stands, etc. 2) Assuming that the card image isn't stored on the iOS device, this is no more or less secure than handing your card to an...
So what are you doing that the government would give a crap about? Silly paranoia. The government can request the exact same data from Apple or any other company offering internet services. And again, what do you have to hide?
Pretty sure there's a few million people who'd be more interesting for Google to stalk. But if they are, it's nice to know they care so much.
For me, it's not just about errors. It's about crappy functionality. The traffic data in Apple's new Maps is just barely above useless. All you get is is red dashes if it knows of a traffic issue. No indication how severe the traffic problem is. The road could be shut down and you'd never know it until you drove up to the line of stopped traffic. The 3d maps are really just useless eye candy. The hybrid view is ridiculous in that it only highlights certain roads. The level...
New Posts  All Forums: