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I am having a strange problem with my printer and I need some expert advice.   Here is my set-up in basic terms.  I have a wireless DSL router that is connect via ethernet cable to iMac(a), also connected via ethernet to that router is an AirPort Extreme, with a USB Printer connected to that (AirPort).  In addition, I have another iMac(b), and a MacBook Pro connected to my DSL router wirelessly.   iMac(a) is an older iMac running SnowLeopard iMac(b) is a newer...
I went though everything last night and answered my own questions along the way. I booted my new iMac from disc, selected Disk Utilities, erased the disk and reinstalled the OS. The followed the migration assistant and bought over my 1 user account but not the apps. After migration was complete, I ran the install for bundles software (iLife, etc...) and all went well.[/LIST]
Thank you!!! Do I have to re-install the iLife apps and such before I do the migration?
OK, for what ever reason things did not go well last time. I have begun the process to restore my new iMac to "Out of the box" condition. I am now going through the installation of the OS now, after I erased the files on the drive using the disk utility after booting from the disk. I would like to migrate my single account from my old iMac into my new iMac. Leaving the apps and other user accounts on the old machine. I think I have figured out that I need to...
OK, I just got a new iMac 27" today and went through initial start-up & set-up, and even a couple of passes at the migration utility. For reasons I don't really want to get into, I want to wipe out everything I did and start over. Can someone please give me the steps to return the iMac to "new out of box" state? I want to go through the startup as though it was the first time. Thanks.
I posted this question a while ago and didn't really get an answer. Is it safe to assume that since Apple has now issued a recall/replacement for a series of Time Capsules, that they have made corrections to the design? Basically, I am asking if the new Time Capsules have had technical changes (known) that address the shortcomings of the recalled units? Right now I know that the only real way to know is to buy one and wait 18 months, however I'd rather know before then.
I know the early Time Capsules had high failure rates at 18 months due to bad power supplies. Has the design been corrected? I have looked all over but all I can find is about failures. I am considering a new 1TB Time Capsule but obviously don't want to buy a product that will fail. Thanks.
Thanks for all the input. I stopped on the way home last night, picked up a copy of iWork and my son (and I) were able to get his project done w/little drama. Pages is really an intuitive, easy program to work with. As one poster said, well worth the $ spent.
Pages would work aside from the fact I am trying to get by w/o spending any $ because we already have MS Office for Mac 2004. There is not requirement for InDesign. It is just the layout software I have used in the past. I know I could probably get it done in Word, but it isn't really designed for this type of work.
I am looking for a freeware version of a page layout application similar to InDesign for the Mac. My son needs it for school. About the only one I found was http://www.scribus.net/, are there any other alternatives? Thanks!
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