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I got the same thing from Fido, today, but with the 6 GB plan. The first CSR I talked to insisted I'd actually transferred all that data in the 21 hours I had the iPhone 3G S, and that I'd be billed for overage. The the CSR I got the second time I called in said he couldn't do anything until my next bill arrived. Ugh. In the meantime, I'm going to use my phone as normal. According to the usage stats on the iPhone, I've only used 7 MB over the cell network so far. It...
WWDC has never been in Moscone North/South. It's been in Moscone West for the past several years, and San Jose Convention Center before that.
It's the same discount as a Select member. Student members only get one discount for life, while Select members get one per year.
I actually quite liked the multi-touch gestures for text editing and the lack of effort needed to press "keys". But, there were some nagging problems like the mouse acceleration curve being different than Apple's trackpads, Windows-centric positioning of the alt/option and meta/command keys, finger drift, and other details. What I'd love to have is the same keyboard, but with one big surface instead of two small ones joined together, and an e-paper display instead of the...
FingerWorks sold a multi-touch keyboard called the TouchStream LP before being acquired by Apple in 2005. I still have one, although I don't use it anymore. http://www.fingerworks.com/ST_product.html
QuickTime is about a lot more than just playback. But, QuickTime X is focused on that one aspect. Consider how the the QTKit API covered playback first, and the rest of the toolkit later. Also, consider the current QuickTime's difficulties with some multiplexed formats, like MPEG-1.
You can use Preview to add and remove PDF pages.
It's been there since DP3 when Steve first showed Mac OS X with Aqua to the public. He used it in demos of the minimize warp effect to the Dock.
I sent you a private message with contact points.
Just drag Backups.backupdb to the Trash in Finder and Empty Trash.
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