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The PlayStation 3 has outsold the Xbox 360.
I bought my 64GB white AT&T mini a few days ago. The local Apple Store was the only one that had any in stock.
What the article failed to report is that the sales spike was due to a "Buy 1, Get 2 Free" sale. ;-)
I'm thinking of doing the same thing. I barely use 100 minutes of call time, and perhaps 300 MB of data on my iPhone 5 every month. I could transfer my unlimited iPad data plan to the mini.
I can't complain. I regularly get 32 Mbps in Greenville, SC. I have seen reports of speeds as high as 54 Mbps.
How idiotic was the decision to sell it only in their stores? How many do they have, a couple dozen at most?
Fixed it for you.
Surely with Pages and the other iWork apps constantly in the top 20 app charts, they must've sold millions of copies so far. I suspect that by now people realize they no longer need Office. As others have said, I use Office all day long, and loathe every minute.
The "Part of a gapless album" checkbox had nothing to do with gapless playback. iTunes does that by default. Checking that option would keep two adjacent album tracks from being played back-to-back when the crossfade option was turned on.
I use Office 2007 at work, all day, every day, and loathe every minute of it. I could be more productive using my iPad, if my employer supported BYOD.
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