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Ooo, I got pick up Pac-Mac!
I actually bought their entire catalog on CD recently.
I got 32.57 Mbps in Atlanta. Great Googly Moogly!
Can't wait to get home from vacation to try out the LTE in Greenville!
The intensity of a vibrating mechanism can be controlled. That is how force feedback is achieved on PlayStation controllers. Some of the vibrations can be very subtle, like when your wheel goes off the road in a driving game.
I must be a freak, because I send less than 10 texts per month.
$21 million does seem excessive, considering Apple's design looks better.
I would bet that making it so easy to donate, results in an increase in the percentage of customers who do donate. That is certainly a good thing. I donated last night at RedCross.org, but had to fill out a form.
I prefer the Lightning connector, because I can connect it in the dark.
I'm hoping iTunes 11 is available tomorrow.
New Posts  All Forums: