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My doctor has been using Tablet PCs for several years. They use a stylus, and have a huge 12" screen. I imagine they are very clunky to use. The screen quality is terrible. I also imagine they cost much, much more than $499.
Didn't Steve state that the 10-hour battery life was with Wi-Fi on? If so, then that's pretty good. I fully expected the iPod add to run for considerably longer.
The iPad would be perfect for my job as a training specialist, although I would definitely need Exchange support. I'm not sure if Bento could handle my database needs. I don't do anything too crazy in Access.
The iPod app is one of the few that can run in the background.
Any word on Exchange support?
Erin Burnett gives me a chubby! God bless you, Mazda 3s!
The MLB.com At Bat app has been using HTML5 to stream video since last summer.
What about the literally hundreds of CDs that I have that are not offered by the iTunes Store?
What about the approx. 20% of my audio tracks not found in the iTunes Store?
Yeah, I lose 3G service in Easley and Simpsonville. If you stay in Greenville, you're OK.
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