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You gotta admit that "Clouded Leopard" would be a great name for OS X 10.7.
FWIW, a Word document with standard margins measures 9.7" diagonally.
I don't know why anyone would want a screen that large. My work PC with its 8MB Rage 128 video card is able to display up to three web pages at once on it's 9-year old 17" display!
Both I, and friends of mine, have had syncing issues with the 2G shuffle.
I believe iWork '09 is $49, and Bento 3 is $31.
Don't know that I've ever owned a Motorola anything.
Can't get enough of that wonderful Duff!
Try sjobs@apple.com If you do get a response, it may be from one of his henchmen.
Adobe AIR? No thanks.
Have you ever seen a Zune in the wild? Neither have I.
New Posts  All Forums: