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Word is OK as long as you prefer plain text. Once you start using styles and lists, it's all FUBAR. And don't even think about inserting an image! I used Word 2007 to create a 100-page training manual. I could've done it in Pages in less than half the time.
The only reason I would want an iPad mini is to mount it in my dashboard.
That hipster dude needs to wash his hair, and those schoolgirls were downright creepy!
Love the logo!
Please let us know when they hit Apple retail stores.
MySpace is relaunching soon, with an amazing interface.https://new.myspace.com/
My iPhone 5 will come with a $15 data plan, and $40 voice plan. That's the cheapest plans AT&T offers.
Klipsch s4i II
With the new iPod touch, I'm still not convinced we'll see the mythical iPad mini. A 7" tablet would be good for e-reading, but little else.
I don't order mine until Friday evening. AT
New Posts  All Forums: