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iLounge.com gave the EarPods an A- rating.
I might try Amazon. I've already got $200 worth of merchandise on pre-order.
Why spend $200 on an iPod touch, when the mythical iPad mini may only be $249? If you need a media player, I suspect a revamped iPod nano will fill that need.
Why spend $200 on an iPod touch, when you could get the fabled iPad mini for $250? If you really need a small media player, get the nano.
1.2 million people in the Greenville, SC Upstate region, and no LTE for us!
At least this story makes sense. I read another this morning where I thought Bruce was referring to his own recorded music. It turns out, the only song of his available in the iTunes Store is "Respect Yourself".
We just upgraded to Windows 7 at work. Except for a couple useful features, I'd rather stick with XP.
Those fat fingers scare me!
There's an iPad App Store? All this time, I've just been going to the regular App Store.
Hulu Plus also carries the Criterion Collection of films.
New Posts  All Forums: