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It's great to finally see this option, but it is flawed. There should be an option to only transcode files, when necessary. It makes no sense to transcode lossy files. This is something RealPlayer (of all apps) has offered for nearly 10 years. If I only have a handful of purchased tracks, I don't want them transcoded to 192Kbps; that will only make them sound worse! Transcoding lossless files to a lossy format is the same as if you are importing the files from the...
My red leather Smart Cover will be here tomorrow. It sure will be nice to look at until the 16th!
We finally have the option of 192Kbs and 256Kbps bitrates when transcoding audio for transfer to an iDevice.
I don't prefer the weight, but I do prefer the flat edges of the original iPad.
Does this mean I'll be able to watch The Simpsons on my HDTV via Hulu.com? The Simpsons is one of those shows not available on Hulu+.
If Wolfram Alpha's algorithm is so great, you would think it would tell you to NOT shop at Best Buy.*
It looks like an amazing device. I hope it does well. Nintendo makes such awful gaming equipment.
I suspect a large part of that $25 yearly fee is going to the record labels.
I pre-orders through the iBooks Store. Got a notification shortly before midnight, and downloaded it exactly at 12:00.
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