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I welcome any effort to preserve Native American culture and am looking forward to spending some time in Cherokee, NC this spring.
Sony uses this type of interface on the PS3, and other products. It's called XMB (cross media bar).
It's all Bush's fault. Seriously.
$300 for a Nintendo handheld? Good luck with that!
I would love to have FaceTime on my iPad, but I'm not gonna rush out and upgrade just to get it.
I miss the old icon as 99.999% of my 33,000 tracks are from CDs I own.
The shuffle will gain a screen, and the nano will be dropped.
My MLB.TV subscription allows me to log in using the iPad app, and access video for any out-of-market game. The subscription is paid for directly with MLB.TV. Why couldn't a magazine subscription service work the same way?
You may be able to draw the numbers and add, subtract, multiply and divide symbols, like a Palm Pilot.
New Posts  All Forums: