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AFAIK, the audio hardware in both MacBooks are identical.
I predict new Cinema Displays with built-in iSights and possibly HDMI.
Is there any way for SuperDuper to backup my MacBook 60 gigger to a folder on my Maxtor 300 gigger?
CompUSA has the Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo Edition 1TB Hard Drive for $399.99 after $60 mail-in rebate this week. 8)
The only one of those tips that works on my wireless mighty mouse is the zoom feature.
I'd like to know the same thing.
2% seems awfully high to me. The ASC from the local CompUSA store said the iPod was out-selling the Zune by a 90-to-1 margin.
A blue nano for me, and a shuffle for my sweetie.
1) Standoff Prison Break 24 The Office The Simpsons 2) Firefly Futurama Seinfeld Friends
New Posts  All Forums: