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The Windows fanboys are shooting their wads over Windows Phone 7 Series, but from what I've seen, it's nothing special. I used Palm devices for many years, but they ran that train off the track several years ago.
Nintendo 3DS - now with a glorious 220 x 140 high resolution screen!
The iPad is perfect for traveling! Who needs a full-blown laptop? If you're a business person, and need a laptop with you, then you're not really on vacation, are you?
Uh, I don't think that dude needs to lose any more weight!
I had absolutely no problem paying $300 for my 32GB 3GS. I only wish there was a cheaper voice plan.
Or you may be in North Dakota, where paved roads are a rarity.
Perhaps a double-tap of the Home button would open and close Dashboard.
It looks like an over-glorified webpage.
720p output via HDMI wouldn't meant a portable Apple TV.
The big question is, why does the New York Times have 50 freaking executives?
New Posts  All Forums: