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If Apple offered lossless files at $1.29 each, I would buy some singles, but I still prefer CDs.
I would say you would benefit if you were a gamer, but no so much otherwise.
Apple needs to integrate Keyword Manager into iPhoto.
I noticed that the shuffles were out of stock pretty much everywhere for the last few weeks, but now it seems that new shipments have come in. Heck, I even picked up a PS3 yesterday at Best Buy!
Overflow launcher gets my vote.
I just picked up a Netgear WNR854T and am also having connection problems. Aaargh!
Apple needs to offer a 24-inch Cinema Display with HDMI 1.3, HDCP and at least one component input (plus PIP) for no more than $799.
Since iTunes stores artwork in folders now, you'll need to back up the Album Artwork folder found in your iTunes library location.
Saft will also warn you about closing Safari with multiple tabs open. It also adds about a thousand other useful features. http://haoli.dnsalias.com/Saft/
I could soooo use a Mac tablet at work.
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