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Sadly, no, not "out of the box". You can create a smart playlist and sync to that, but you will have to include a delimiter so it will self-refresh such as "last played is not in the last 30 days".
Hey, I just noticed that I wasn't charged tax either!
Same here. If I could keep my MacBook from walking away, and could connect to an Exchange server, I'd probably use mine at work. My stupid work PC's keyboard doesn't have command or option buttons!
Place it inside another box (with padding) and check it with your other luggage.
Make sure it has at least 1GB of RAM.
I was gonna pick up a couple of shuffles with my 10% off coupon at Target, but naturally, both stores I went to were sold out.
I bought a couple of things online this weekend rather than wait in lines for several hours. I'd rather pay the 5% tax than go through that hassle.
The only way to change our address is to wait for it to renew, and then sign up with the new username.
Same here. When my daughter's PC crapped out for the umpteenth time, I told her there was no way I was gonna spend anymore money on PCs. I bought her a MacBook and she loves it!
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