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Come Friday there will be 400,000 more Blu-ray players in people's homes. Those players come with a free BD to whet their appetites.
iTunes will convert ALAC files to 128Kbps AAC "on the fly" when a shuffle is connected. Stupidly, the shuffle is the only model of iPod supported.
My H10 receiver is connected to the Gateway via component cables. I have a y-splitter cable running into the aux. in jack on my Creative GigaWorks T20 speakers. Although it says it won't work in the manual, I can run a 16:9 720P or 1080i signal in the PIP window when the main display is running in DVI. The PIP won't accept a Hi-Def signal when the main display is running in VGA.
I used to work in the pizza business. Once daylight savings time ended people would go crazy insane ordering pizzas at dusk like the freaking world was gonna end once the sun set.
Heck, I'm impressed that integrated MacBook graphics will run a 20-inch or 23-inch external monitor! I had to buy a new video card to do that on my PC. The only "3D" game I run is Bejeweled 2, and that runs very smoothly.
From what I have read, Pages will have two environments, word processing and desktop publishing. There will also be a new spreadsheet app, but it won't do all the hardcore number crunching that Excel does. That would be fine with me as all I use Excel for is creating forms. [Edit] Dopey me! flinch13 asked about iLife, not iWork.
Your Dell should support several inputs such as component, S-Video and composite video. If you connect a video signal to it from your TV tuner, you will need to connect the audio to your speakers' aux. input. I have a Hi-Def DirecTV receiver running into my 21" Gateway that way.
Agent Premium Newsgroups worked well for me. http://www.forteinc.com/apn/index.php
I believe the same thing was happening to me whenever I left the shuffle plugged in to charge. Someone from the Apple support forums suggested I reset the shuffle and so far, it seems to have worked.
Yeah, it cost me $270 to go from 512MB to 2GB in my MacBook. Ouch!
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