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It it were my money, and I already had a 24-inch monitor, I would get the Mac Pro.
$1500 will get you a sweet refurbished MBP. The MacBook will be in new condition, and all of the accessories will be brand new. The full warranty still applies.
I bought a refurbished MacBook two weeks ago for my daughter. The Macbook itself looked brand new. All of the accessories were still sealed in plastic. It ships in a plain brown box. I was surprised to find that the HDD was upgraded to an 80 gigger, and it had 1GB of RAM in it and no extra charge!
It comes with the old earbuds. Mine's been working fine so far.
Holy crap! $26 million on only 837 screens!
Don't expect a great photo viewing experience on a nano. The screen is really tiny. For me, size and portability was more important than capacity.
That's exactly the same RAM I am using.
I agree, switching to aluminum bodies for the full-sized iPods is long overdue.
The refurbished MacBook I ordered for my daughter came with an upgraded HDD and RAM at no extra cost.
My 21" Gateway FPD2185W has DVI-HDCP as well as a Hi-Def component input. The resolution is 1680 x 1050. On my PC I could watch a 16:9 1080i signal in the PIP window while running the main display via DVI. I can't get it to connect via DVI on my MacBook though, only VGA. When it runs in VGA, you can't do PIP via component.
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