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I recommend the Epson 3490 because it produces top-quality scans and has excellent drivers. $99 retail.
Saft will save groups of tabbed windows for you. 8)
That happened to me when I tried that Aqua4iTunes thingy.
I believe that the 2GB Lexar JumpDrive Lightning is the fastest on the market.
Excellent choice!
Sometimes they will use the same tracking number for an entire shipment of items. Once they get to a certain location, they will be split up and use different tracking numbers. Anyway, don't fret. My 2nd MacBook arrived 2 days ahead of schedule!
Not that I am aware of. If that were the case, Microsoft would be in trouble!
An Apple Store is rumored to be coming to Greenville, SC. There are more than a million people in the Greater Greenville area, and the CompUSA is the top-sellling Apple reseller in the Southeast. The planned location is a new retail/residential center located in Greenville's busiest shopping district. 8)
Ooh, a Nebraska quarter. I don't have one of those yet.
Inquisitor - now FREE! http://www.inquisitorx.com/safari/ NewsFire - RSS http://www.newsfirerss.com/ Overflow (launcher) - much better than the dock, IMHO. http://www.stuntsoftware.com/Overflow/
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