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I'd like to have a MBP as much as the next guy, but the price difference over the 2.0GHz MB was much too large.
Only certain models of TiVos can record two channels at once, so be careful.All DirecTV/TiVo combo units can record two channels at once, (while simultaneously watching something that was previously recorded). DirecTV charges $5/month for all the DVR's in your home, no matter how many you have. The only model still on the market (for now) is the HR10-250, which runs $300 or so, but it is HD. DirecTV markets their own brand of DVRs, and you can get the SD model for as...
I've always heard good things about the "Missing Manual" series.
I used Opera in Windows for six years, but since I switched to the Mac I have been using Safari 2 with SAFT. This gives me nearly all of Opera's features. http://haoli.dnsalias.com/Saft/index.html
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