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I'll be getting rid of my iMac and getting a 13 inch iPad Pro  (The latter of which can handle 3x4k video?  Can the Macbook do that?  Can an iMac from just a few years ago do that?) for conceptualisation work with Procreate 3 (which looks like being a belter of a release..)    I can wait for a retina iMac that can really 'throw' that 5k display around.  ...and then use 'astro' to enable the iPad to act as a tablet for the Mac.   Hmm.  Can't wait.   Lemon Bon Bon.
 Great post. Lemon Bon Bon.
Shame we aren't getting any 6 core i7 gpus for the iMac for the top end.  Or even 8 core ones.   Intel's performance seems to have glacial incremental improvements over the last few years.  Skylake in that regard is a bit of a disappointment.   At the current rate of going, Apple's 'A' chips are chasing down Intel chips.  Hard to believe an A9 chip is hanging with Intel laptop chips in the Macbook and 'only' a few year old Macbook Airs.  ...and the A9X in the iPad Pro...
A year should also bring down SSD prices some more to have them as standard and have PCI Express on iMacs.   By then Skylake and the overall system components should have settled into the marked some more.  Eg. USB '3' and DDR4 etc.   Lemon Bon Bon.
 Something like that.   They're all due an update.  Would be good to have the iMac 4k, iMac 5k, 5k Cinema Display and Mac Pro refresh at a 'Mac' event with El Capitan OSX.  Given the 'blow out' all star recent iOS based devices event... Regarding any iMac purchase.  Graphics cards are due a colossal update via process shrink next year.  I won't consider upgrading my iMac to retina with that looming.  Next year we should finally have GPUs that can 'throw' around 4k/5k...
Zen Aio?  Bloatware?  Geeze.  Winter.  Stop punishing yourself.  (I waited 'ten' years to get my Core 2 Duo iMac in 2008.  Got it in a sale.  I was an extreme case though...And then I got a flagship 'thin' iMac in 2013.  Both have been brilliant...whether gaming, 3D graphics, image editing...drawing...surfing...  All very serene on the Mac.)   The new 4k iMac will be launched Oct/Nov'.  Maybe a Skylake cpu with decent int' gpu.  Either way, make sure you get the Fusion...
Ie.  If you want a job doing right.  Do it yourself.   Lemon Bon Bon.
Makes the 'squabbles' about Motorola being Apple's cpu provider all those years...all the more ironic?   Lemon Bon Bon.
Cell phone chip indeed...   Lemon Bon Bon.
 I think they did that for a reason.  They've been going after that 'junk' market in stealth mode for a while.  They have now declared 'open' season on it...with a sawn off shotgun. 80% of even all PC laptops is a huge market.  And they've stated they're in it!  From the iPad Mini all the way up to the iPad Pro!  (What a beast of a computer!) People used to complain (me included...) that Apple didn't have a 'Mac' under £1000.  Or £500. The iPad Pro with the astonishing (it...
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