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Mac gaming kind of arrived a while back with Half Life 2 and Valve's Steam.  With a 100 million user base, Mac gaming is going to undergo quite the PR transformation.   4k monitors are on the horizon for mass adoption.  By the time they are, I suspect even mainstream Mac GPUs should be able to handle 25-30fps.   Lemon Bon Bon.
Correct.  True.  Agreed. Metal for Mac is an exciting development too.  It should hoover up some of that 'open gl' disparity in terms of performance between Windows and Mac gaming.  Largely bypassing 'GL' and going more direct to the gpu.  50% more general performance is nothing to sniffed at.  40% greater efficiency.  10x greater gaming 'draw' performance is outstanding.  Be interesting to see which developers take 'Metal' up.  If EVEN Adobe can this for Illustrator and...
Hmm.  Now there's a thought... Lemon Bon Bon.
...and those GPU increases are coming along as well.     4k streaming at 120fps for a mobile phone/tablet?  This is when TVs are only just going 4k and monitors are only just going 4k with 60 fps for casual viewers and content creators?   Lemon Bon Bon.
http://www.pcworld.com/article/2879037/arm-launches-cortex-a-72-platform-powering-flagship-smartphones-in-2016.html   All eyes maybe on Skylake...   However, the next Arm onslaught is being 'quietly' ushered in?  3.5 times performance increase and a significant power savings brought to the table.   In terms of closing the gap with intel, what does this mean for iOS and potential Mac (A series CPU)  design.   What will the Geekbench score be?   Lemon Bon Bon.
Pixelmator.  Got to give them props for having an app that spans desktop, iPad and iPhone.   Now.  Get Pix' to handle adjustment layers?  And I'm happy.   It's more than good enough.  It does 'everything' my Photoshop version 4 (with a few caveats perhaps...) could do and much faster.   Digital printing in RGB mode?  Np.  Between that, Affinity and Manga Studio Pro?   I'm good for all my comic book drawing and colouring needs.  Photoshop?  Don't need it.  I bought...
Amen. Lemon Bon Bon.
The 5k iMac is a work of art.   I can't wait for the Skylake one to arrive with a better gpu to push that 5k display.  (Oh, and those 15 inch MacbookPro PCIe SSD speeds too...)   Then I'm on it.   Lemon Bon Bon.
Hell freezing over.  Again?   We'll be seeing Mac sales of 6 million per quarter soon?   Lemon Bon Bon.
OLED vs LED.  4k.   I'd wondered for years about this.   But having seen an LG OLED 4k display vs a Panasonic 4k display?   No competition.  OLED blows it out the water.  Inky Blacks.  Beautiful colour.   Price.  There's the rub.   £3750 for the 4k LG OLED.  £1000 for the Panasonic 4k.   OLED.  Jaw dropping picture.  Beautiful.   Lemon Bon Bon.
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