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http://store.apple.com/uk/buy-iphone/iphone4s Can Apple make a £350 phone out of quality materials? YES! In some ways I prefer the glass and steel design more.  It exudes quality and solidity.  I have the '5' design.  It's light and classy, sure. The 5C was a chance to hit the £350 mark here in the UK and give students and children the next 'must have' Christmas present. Nearly £500 for 'last year' phone?  No.  No.  And no again. I guess when they bring out iPhone +...
'Ugly?'   That's subjective.   I think it's classy.   Lemon Bon Bon.
Archaic newspapers that can't get their head around 'change.'   Re-hear-lly?   iOS 7 is the beginning.  It's not the end.   Give it 6 more years.   I like it.  It's not perfect yet.  But it is promising.  I know like it more than iOS6.   It's still iOS.   Crisper.  Cleaner.  Better designed.   Progressive.   Forward thinking.   Simpler.   And I think more elegant.   Lemon Bon Bon.
There's about 3 inches between the mini and the main iPad.  Why not another 3 inches.  Another two...is ok.  But another 3 really is a marker of intent.  8 to 10 to 13 inches.  That covers plenty of ground there.  IN a recent MacDailyNews poll, nearly 25% of people wanted an iPad with a screen size of 12-17 inches.  While I'd love one of 17 inches...a 13 inch model would be sweet for artists, musicians and even begins to make a great little desktop...
I think that's a reasonable guess based upon a clue in the invite, ascii. Why not have the Macbook Pro's 13 inch Retina screen?  Give it to the Air as well. And you have one screen to share production costs? Love to have a 13 inch iPad... Lemon Bon Bon.
 People used to moan about OS X and how it looked or the lack of teh 'snappy.' Now OS X is a work of art. iOS 7 is just the beginning of where maybe OS 'Ten' passes the batton. There was an Apple II.  Then the Mac.  Now we have iOS7.  They'll refine it in time...wonder what it will look like after another 'ten' cats?  Lemon Bon Bon.
Should be a good event. Mavericks and Mac Pro (the latter long time in coming...) So I'm looking forward to both of those. And some sane pricing for the entry model (and I say that as a top end BTO iMac owner...) 4k 'Cinema' display? and ofc. The new 'Pads are going to be impressive with the Rogue and A7 chipset. An A7X chipset should kick booty in the iPad 5 (New New...) I have a 3rd Gen iPad and a A7X Rogue iPad 5 will blow the doors off it. For me, the iPad...
Aye.  It's a classy design alright. But design wise it's very similar to the 5C except it's slimmer and in alu.  There's not a massive difference in size...but the touch is more svelte, yes...and it is noticeable. You could argue the iPhone is just a touch with a phone chipset and antenna. The question is.  How much would it cost to add one to the Touch?  If the Touch costs £199 or £250 for the low end or mid range options. Would it cost £150s to add an antenna to the...
The entry iPad is the best value product they make.   Lemon Bon Bon.
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