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I like the iMac.  Some don't.  People want what they want.  vs What Apple will give them.  There's no need to limit their desktop market this way.   Just put in desktop cpus and gpus in the Mac Pro chassis with a different 'consumer' colour.   Or even a '5C' style plastic enclosure to funky up their desktop line.   Either way, they could offer something a bit more flexible than either the current Mini or iMac for 'those' people who want neither.   Instead of...
They could easy give the pro chassis a space grey 'mini' consumer colour and put in iris, mid range gpu and a high end gpu and give 'tower' customers some value.  i.e.  an iMac without a monitor prices.   It would offer a premium over the mini...but give those non iMac fans what they want.   Lemon Bon Bon.
Shame about the access to get on the Mac Pro ladder.   I'm even more happy with my iMac now.    £2500 to get on the Mac Pro ladder is...gulp.  You get...a 'quad core.'  Well, at least the dual GPU and SSD+ is break through.  It's a decent product.  Thought they'd be more aggressive on price.   They could put the BTO i7 and Nv GPU in a 'Pro' case and sell it sub' £2k.  Easy.   We'll see how many of the Mac Pros they sell.   For 'mid tower' performance (Apple...
Heh, heh. Like Apple's sticker price for the entry model... It was a joke, right Phil?  Right? Lemon Bon Bon.
Or just gaffer tape a 680 MX onto power hot rodded Mini to give Wizard the Machine he wants...   There's a massive gap between the top end iMac and entry Pro.   Lemon Bon Bon.
They could easily bung in an i7 and a 780MX gpu with the SSD in the Air and price it below £2k.   You're very high up the ladder to get on the ladder...at £2500.   We'll see how sales go...   Lemon Bon Bon.
Yes.  Agreed. £2500.  Yeesh.  Makes the price hiked iMacs look good value for money. ...and I thought the Power Mac was getting expensive when they had a model at £1500 in the old days. It's a powerful entry machine.  2x GPUs is land mark territory.  (For Apple. :P)  £2500 for a Quad core?  Mmm.  6 core?  So, to get a 6 core model now you have to pay wayyyy more?  It's pricey.  Did we expect otherwise?  The SSD next gen is standard.  Is this the same as the stuff in the...
No kidding. Lemon Bon Bon.
The iPad Air is the best Mac you can buy right now.  Terrific value.   The iPad Mini is also a landmark release.   I'm optimistic about a 4.8 inch iPhone next year.     (I'd like the 4 inch to become the nano, a 4.8 inch and 6 inch model...but I doubt we'll get that...)   Apple will have it pretty much covered then.   Lemon Bon Bon.
Apple's software, hardware and eco system just beats the crap out of them.   Lemon Bon Bon.
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