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 You could be onto something there... Lemon Bon Bon.
 True.  I doubt the new Landmark Pro will just arrive in isolation.  It's Mavericks.  The Pro.  4k Monitor (they've been on sale since earlier this year?)  It's planets in alignment stuff.  They've had several years to get this right.  The components are there.  It's just the timing. It's not just going to arrive on its own with no studio display or Mavericks.   Similarly.   No mini update alongside the iMac.  Very intriguing. Basically, the last pro was being chased down...
Maybe they'll can the mini and just offer a 'mid-tower' version of the Pro with sanely priced components?   Rebirth of the mini-tower?   Lemon Bon Bon.
It looks like it could be late October for Mavericks and the Pro.  This month.   I can see them making a dual Pro desktop and laptop launch.  To put the 'Pro' back on the map.   Both prob' have TB2?   Still, Apple does what they like.  But they haven't got that much time to announce iPads, Mac Mini, Pro, Laptops..Mavericks...and what about a 4k studio display...(*thinks about Sharp...)   2 months until  Christmas fever closes in.  So, surely this month it all kicks...
Well, that would make sense seeing as they put the price up on that.  And therefore the 5c isn't a true 'hundred pound' less '5', is it?   Not in the UK it aint.   And Apple upped the price of the entry iMac as well by £50.   In a triple dip recession, you'd think they'd look after their 'fans' as much as they do their profit lines and share holders.   Lemon Bon Bon.
The new Mac Pro should be imminent.   It was previewed in June?  We're now into October.  (Wasn't this the month the 'new' iMacs were previewed last year?)   If Apple wants to avoid another 'late shipping' disaster they'd do well to make sure the Pro is available this month.  (Sure, historically, they've launched Power Macs in November...January....but this time...surely this month, October.)   Mavericks has gone 'Gold Master.'  The Pro was previewed almost five...
Would that be four i7 minis for about the same cost as an entry quad core Mac Pro?   Lemon Bon Bon.
Surely Apple are the ones to simplify and deliver cluster computing for the small business or solo artist? Wasn't it supposed to be X-Grid?  What came of that? I often hear of artists having another old computer that they just use as a render node for their 3D app? Basically render images/passes are divided between the two (or more) computers? Surely only thing the two computers need is to be networked for the date sharing and compilation at the end to take place? In that...
 If ever there was a time to do this.  Now, with a 75 million+ installed base, is the time to do it. Especially as they jacked the entry price of the entry iMac to £1145 inc vat?  (and it has integrated crappics at that.  No DVD player as well.  Cheeky beggars...) Lemon Bon Bon.
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