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Steve Jobs worked damn hard to get that pile of cash. I hope Cook adds more and more to it. Screw taking on debt. Screw dividends. Screw buy backs. Lemon Bon Bon.
The new Fusions are looking very decent.  With a decent boost. In some benches the 'Iris' is showing better than the 650. It wasn't long ago Apple was charging £675 for an iMac with integrated crappics.  Then it was £999.  Now it's £1149. I don't see how that is progress for the consumer.   Iris is better than previous Intel Integrated crappics.  It would have to go some to get any worse than it was. Lemon Bon Bon.
 Typical Apple here. 24 inch was a nice option.  It should have been the model that broke the 1k barrier.  But they're still rinsing the supply chain with the cheap as chips 21 inch monitor. I had the 24 inch previous top of the line when it had the Core 2 Duo and 8800GS.  Good machine.  Decent monitor. Lemon Bon Bon.
 Looking at the benches on the new 7XX chip in the iMac...there's not much in it from the 680MX at all. If you can get a refurb, go for it.  I have 'last' or 'this' year's top of the line iMac.  It's fast. The new(!) iMac is a nominal speed bump.  And the prices for integrated graphics on the opening model?  Greedy. I think we'll see 'nominal' upgrades until it goes retina. The faster Fusion options are a highlight in terms of the PCIe SSD?  That's about the best thing on...
4, 6 inches would take care of the phone market.   8, 10 inches currently takes care of the 'pad' market. Lemon Bon Bon.
 :P Good man.  Simple logic cuts through 'can't' stories with ease. I'm guessing we'll see 3.5 4S removed next year.  iPhone 5 C replaces it as the £350 phone.  (Watch sales explode...)  iPhone 5S goes to £465 and the iPhone 4.8+ at £545 makes sense to me. I'd personally like them to make a 5.5 inch phone as well.  They'd have something for everyone that way.   But two sizes seems more likely.  4 and 4.8?  Or 4 and 5.5 would be my preference...  (To catch the 4-6 inch...
 *nods head. It will be interesting to see how/if the iOS platform threatens the viability of the low end Mac market (mini/air...) in the years to come... With the possibility of bigger and more powerful iOS devices in the future...which include retina screens from the get go...and a far bigger software market...generally more reasonably priced. For me, it's not 'if' the mac market gets eaten...but when...and from what direction. Sure...not for a good few years. But we...
At some point, more powerful iOS devices are going to blur the lines for computing for 'most' people.   And some people will ask why they'd need an overpriced mini when you can get something 'just as fast' for their everyday computing needs and it includes a retina screen.  That is a beginning reality for an iPad 5 A7X.  And the 'line in the sand' is going to get blurry if iOS gets 3 more years of those kinds of performance updates while Intel knocks out 7% here or there...
 I think even Mr. Wizard has been muting the possibility of such a machine... We must remember, though, we can get (or will be able to get...) an A7x cpu with Rogue on the entry iPad '5' soon. Maybe the 'new' Mini will be the new ATV box.  An A7?  8?  9?  chip in such a tiny box with Rogue+ graphics would be a remarkable machine.  Open the SKU on it and...give it the same cheap price...you'd have your desktop replacement right there for 'most' people. Lemon Bon Bon.
Owner of an iPad 3 by the way.   Edges are too sharp.   It's too heavy.   It's not powerful enough.   It's screen isn't large enough by a good 3 more inches.   Lemon Bon Bon.
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