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Maybe Apple should push the iMac's price up into Mac Pro territory.  Afterall, they're a premium company, right?   Lemon Bon Bon.
...and if you want the DVD (which used to be included...IN the price...) you have to pay £60+ extra.   Don't be stingy, Apple...put an external in the box.   Apple.  Overpriced for what you get.   Lemon Bon Bon.
 Wriggle all you like. But the iMac used to cost £595 here in the UK.  It now costs £1145 inc VAT.   They now sell a mini without a keyboard or monitor or mouse for nearly that at £500. 'Only Apple.' Lemon Bon Bon.
Just trash the iMac and the mini.   One Pro Can.  Fill it with your specs.  Done.  One studio monitor.  One can with your 'part susan' specs.   Apple can streamline it's desktop that way and broaden it's appeal.  One can.  One monitor.  Configure as you like.   The desktop line has been broken for a long time.   And they wonder why they're slipping in sales?   Look at what they did to the Pro and iMac line over the last several years.  They could have taken...
Yes.  We can hope. Lemon Bon Bon.
 Yes you do. Take the iMac.  It used to cost £799...and even £595 inc VAT in the UK.  If you're Apple you take it and replace it with an entry model of £1145 inc VAT....minus the DVD.  So extra for that...that's £1,210 inc VAT to make up the difference.  That's if you 'happy' with the integrated crappics...extra for that. 'Only Apple.' Lemon Bon Bon.
Production issues?  On the Mac Pro? I'll be surprised if they have. If the last Mac Pro was limping on a presumed 45k in sales...what's the new one going to have if it's the overpriced mini monster many expect? 200K?  At a push? Given the Apple tax inflation on the iMac over two recent revisions...we can only wonder what the Mac Pro will cost. Over at Kool Aid Cupertino (the ones that don't have to worry about affording over priced Apple kit in the current world...
It's probably apathy.  You know the feeling when you go 'beyond hunger?' Lemon Bon BOn.
Don't expect Apple to do you any favours. They're the ones that drop the DVD (which they can get mass volume discounts on...) from the iMac and charge you a 'bloody cheeky' £65 for an external one.  And also up the price of the entry model in addition by £100. Lemon Bon Bon.
Apple could offer a fairer deal to consumers than they do.  In this economy it remains to be seen how long Macs can tread water at their current prices.   We used to have an entry iMac for far, far, far less than £1000.   We had one as cheap as £545 inc vat once upon a time (certainly £595...or less for an entry model.  Was that junk?)   Lemon Bon Bon.
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