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Top post Wizard.   Apple have broadened the appeal of the Pro by emptying what 80% of Pro users didn't use (big empty box...) and allowing the '5%' to add what they want externally without forcing their wallet onto the 'impoverished' solo artist's budget. Lemon Bon Bon.
I'd have thought a Mini with i7 and SSD would be all the photoshop/aperture machine you'd ever need.   Lemon Bon Bon.
  Six core chips.  Hmm.  That sounds nice.  With the improvements in GPU the iMac has been seeing in the last few years...and a possible '4k' screen at some point next year (?) it adds up to a potential kick ass iMac...especially with the new PCIe SSD?   I'd just love a retina screen on the iMac.  Add six core, SSD as standard (boo for paying for Fusion as extra...) and another bone crunching GPU on the top end...and I'd be looking at it.   Whether you like AIO design of...
  True.   Lemon Bon Bon.
  Good post.  Sound reasoning.  Population delta.  Works for both young and the old.   I'm not ancient but the iPhone's 4 inch screen seems an inch too small.   Keep the current 4 inch as the Nano.  Add a 5 inch -ish screen '+' model.   Lemon Bon Bon. 
People get tired of getting ass raped for up sell.   Want an external DVD player, Sir?  That will be £60 Sir.  But you put up the price of the iMac.  Yes Sir.  So you want an extra £160 for an external DVD player?   ...and the same sh*t on Ram prices and the same crap on the Fusion/SSD options.   Lemon Bon Bon.
There is demand for a cheaper Mac Pro.   Just like there is demand for a cheaper iPhone.   Lemon Bon Bon.
  *crater?   B*ll*cks.   Apple make some overpriced desktop sh*t in their line and they nickel and dime the customer...as you pointed out with the IPS 'LG' panel seen cheaper elsewhere.  (Still a good display though.)     ...and so?   The Mini SHOULD have a 640M in it's top model at least.  (Guess it will be rendered mute by Iris...)   The iMac SHOULD be cheaper.  (No sub 1K model...)   The Mac Pro SHOULD be cheaper.  2045 inc vat for a crap Mac Pro was an outrage and...
  The top end iMac is a sound piece of kit.   There's a few reasons why you'd take it over the base Mac Pro.  The monitor being a key one.  Some people like it's AIO appeal.   As for Morons.  Complete or otherwise...  It's name calling based on hypertheticals.  We don't know how much the new Pro is going to be.   Likely as pricey as the old entry point for £2045 inc VAT.  But better value if it includes two gpus trade off vs the monitor in the iMac?   Expect the base Pro...
What he said.   Lemon Bon Bon.
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