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Photoshop has earned its reputation.  But it's not the sprite it was at no.4 (I really enjoyed that release...and no.7...)   However, of late, it seems to be more about bloat and nickle and diming customers for the odd new feature.   And it seems slow in some areas...and took ages to take on board GPU rendering for filters etc.   And Adobe have become more about the 'sales guy' about it.  They're at the top and don't need to try that hard...and are trying to force...
The A7 and Arm cpus are closing fast at 100% improvements per year.  vs Current Intel cpu improvement rates. What this means now or next year or two years time...? Lemon Bon Bon.
Finally, someone who gets it. Lemon Bon Bon.
http://store.apple.com/uk/buy-iphone/iphone4s   £350.  (...and if they're not making a huge profit on that...why sell it?)   And that isn't cheap either.   But for a plastic 'last year' phone, that's the price they should be aiming for the iPhone 5C.  If not now, after the 6+ arrives next year.   Needs to lose another £100.  It's not like the margins on these things aren't huge.  More bothered about shareholders than consumers.   The entry iPad at £399 is about...
http://store.apple.com/uk/buy-iphone/iphone4s Can Apple make a £350 phone out of quality materials? YES! In some ways I prefer the glass and steel design more.  It exudes quality and solidity.  I have the '5' design.  It's light and classy, sure. The 5C was a chance to hit the £350 mark here in the UK and give students and children the next 'must have' Christmas present. Nearly £500 for 'last year' phone?  No.  No.  And no again. I guess when they bring out iPhone +...
'Ugly?'   That's subjective.   I think it's classy.   Lemon Bon Bon.
Archaic newspapers that can't get their head around 'change.'   Re-hear-lly?   iOS 7 is the beginning.  It's not the end.   Give it 6 more years.   I like it.  It's not perfect yet.  But it is promising.  I know like it more than iOS6.   It's still iOS.   Crisper.  Cleaner.  Better designed.   Progressive.   Forward thinking.   Simpler.   And I think more elegant.   Lemon Bon Bon.
There's about 3 inches between the mini and the main iPad.  Why not another 3 inches.  Another two...is ok.  But another 3 really is a marker of intent.  8 to 10 to 13 inches.  That covers plenty of ground there.  IN a recent MacDailyNews poll, nearly 25% of people wanted an iPad with a screen size of 12-17 inches.  While I'd love one of 17 inches...a 13 inch model would be sweet for artists, musicians and even begins to make a great little desktop...
I think that's a reasonable guess based upon a clue in the invite, ascii. Why not have the Macbook Pro's 13 inch Retina screen?  Give it to the Air as well. And you have one screen to share production costs? Love to have a 13 inch iPad... Lemon Bon Bon.
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