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At some point, more powerful iOS devices are going to blur the lines for computing for 'most' people.   And some people will ask why they'd need an overpriced mini when you can get something 'just as fast' for their everyday computing needs and it includes a retina screen.  That is a beginning reality for an iPad 5 A7X.  And the 'line in the sand' is going to get blurry if iOS gets 3 more years of those kinds of performance updates while Intel knocks out 7% here or there...
 I think even Mr. Wizard has been muting the possibility of such a machine... We must remember, though, we can get (or will be able to get...) an A7x cpu with Rogue on the entry iPad '5' soon. Maybe the 'new' Mini will be the new ATV box.  An A7?  8?  9?  chip in such a tiny box with Rogue+ graphics would be a remarkable machine.  Open the SKU on it and...give it the same cheap price...you'd have your desktop replacement right there for 'most' people. Lemon Bon Bon.
Owner of an iPad 3 by the way.   Edges are too sharp.   It's too heavy.   It's not powerful enough.   It's screen isn't large enough by a good 3 more inches.   Lemon Bon Bon.
You put out a 13 inch  (and eventually a 15 inch iPad...) and smell the coffee.   No accident that Tim called the 'A7' a 'Desktop class' cpu...and with Rogue GPU?  It's a beach head.  A landmark release.   Stick one on your desk?  It's a desktop replacement.  iOS style.  (Dock your wireless keyboard...)   Put one on your lap while you cruise your sofa?  It's a laptop.  iOS style.  (Use your 'Ja Ja' pen...or your finger. :P )   God I hope so.   For artists...
I guess we'll find out in the next year? (Hopefully...) Lemon Bon Bon.
The lines have started to blur with the A7.  How much will they blur with an A9 in two years time?   Lemon Bon Bon.
Perhaps, Wizard...an A7 in the ATV will be that said machine? It's only 'two generations' from the chip in the iPhone 5s? That's two years away. And you have a machine that won't be that far away from entry Mac Mini... ...but at a far more sane...and saliva inducing £99 price. A 'Mac' for £99 you say? I know...I almost passed out typing it. We only need the ATV to follow the iPad and iTouch and the iPhone and get some kind of proper iOS interface... You'd have a...
http://www.cringely.com/2013/09/19/the-secret-of-ios-7/   On the back of Wizard's speculative posts...re: the A7 (after all, Tim Cook called it a desktop class cpu.  It is...equal to my previous iMac's cpu in many ways...  How long before the A series chases down an i7?  I look at the Power Mac in my front room and marvel that an iPhone 4 could run youtube better than it could...pinch me...*)   How long before the 'low end mini' is chased down by the A8,...
Moved to iOS 7. I really like it. Fresh design unburdened by pre-retina screens. More functionality. More design crispness. Much better. And it's just the beginning of the new direction... Lemon Bon Bon.
A tacky company, that Samsung. They're on my no fly list. Lemon Bon BOn.
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