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Well, if they want to sell even less Mac Pros than they did before... Lemon Bon Bon.
I like Tim Cook.  The Apple legacy is in safe hands as much as it could be.   However, he's capitulated to shareholder demands in a way Steve Jobs never did.   Nobody expects Apple to sell junk.   But Apple can't sell a laptop for £695?   They can't sell an integrated crappics desktop with a monitor, k/b and mouse for £595?   B*ll*cks.   Lemon Bon Bon.
They even hiked the price of the iPhone 5S.   So the '5' wasn't really £100 less at all.  With the plastic casing they're using, they've padded margins on both the 's' and 'c' models.   Transparent?   Yes.   Greedy B*st*rdness?     Yes.   Lemon Bon Bon.
So, we're in a triple dip recession with worse to come (believe what you like...but you can only keep printing money out of fresh air for so long...) and Apple hike their prices and wonder why Mac sales begin to suffer. I think we've just reached the glass ceiling on Apple's desktop/laptop growth.   Without winding back some of the price hikes to boost sales I can Mac sales slipping or losing traction.   Yeah, yeah.  They haven't updated the Pro in years, the iMac...
Spot on. We lose the DVD (which Apple charged me £60 external!) and Apple ups the entry price by £100...then another £50!  That's £210 to get the base iMac to little over a year ago! £210.  From a previous £999.  Then a £1095 and then a £1150?  With Integrated crappics to add insult to injury? Known in the UK as, 'Taking the p*ss.' And if that wasn't bad.  After the crazy 2008 crash...Apple dropped the £695 integrated crappics iMac....and bumped up the entry price to...
Be insane for edu' sales too.   Put the squeeze on those cheap ass Samsung laptops too.   Lemon Bon Bon.
 Yup.  13 inch iPad 'laptop.'  With 'Keyboard.' Will sell more than Macs total each quarter. The iPad just needs a bigger screen.  A keyboard.  Done.  It can share the retina screen with the Air.  And Low end Mac Book Pro. How much?  £699?  £499?  £599?  It would just hammer and scoop up low end PC laptop sales.  Could be an insane profit generator. The Mac market reforged as iOS.  Selling millions more than the Mac ever could.  It's still a Mac though... :P Perception and...
 You could be onto something there... Lemon Bon Bon.
 True.  I doubt the new Landmark Pro will just arrive in isolation.  It's Mavericks.  The Pro.  4k Monitor (they've been on sale since earlier this year?)  It's planets in alignment stuff.  They've had several years to get this right.  The components are there.  It's just the timing. It's not just going to arrive on its own with no studio display or Mavericks.   Similarly.   No mini update alongside the iMac.  Very intriguing. Basically, the last pro was being chased down...
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