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Clever advert. One of their best in recent times. Software and Hardware in unison. That's what Apple is all about. Lemon Bon Bon.
If Intel is only improving mainstream cpu performance by 10% each year now...   ...and the A7 chip doubles next year...and the year after that...(same for the gpu performance...)   How long could it be before we envision a time Apple can cut Intel loose..?   Either Arm goes into the Mac at some future point?  Or we have an Apple II - Mac - iOS succession?   Not in the immediate future.   But that A7 is some chip.  Make one helluva ATV console/media hub.  (When...
"The iPhone 5S is, in some measures, computationally superior to the top-of-the-line MacBook Pro from just five years ago. In your fucking pocket."   No big boxes at all. ;)  But, ironically, it's the mother of all 'boxes...'   Lemon Bon Bon.
 A decent 'ramble.' The A7 is one hell of a chip.  With one helluva GPU 'Rogue.'   It wasn't so long ago we had Core Duos!  My last iMac was a Core Duo!   The 2008 top end model (thinks back...I think...) Rogue is offering PS3 type GPU performance, Antialiased...(!)  Surely has to be eclipsing the Mini's GPU performance from a few years ago? Or as Gruber puts it... The iPhone 5S is, in some measures, computationally superior to the top-of-the-line MacBook Pro from just...
4k very expensive. No kidding. I don't expect Apple doing us any favours on price even if they get them to market. Still, I look at the retina in the iPad and the Macbook Pros and think, '...what's the hold up?' We're overdue a boost in desktop displays. It's been ages since we've seen much in the way of advances. The top end res' on my iMac and hi def in general is pretty mainstream now. Heck. Retina is mainstream now. Be nice to see a big 32 inch 4k monitor at a...
8 gigs?  It's dirt cheap to buy now.   Apple and it's 'charge you £400+ for some extra ram policies.   Lemon Bon Bon.
256 gig SSDs going for £120-ish  and 512 SSDs going for £250-ish.   No reason Apple can't put them in their machines as standard on their desktops (they charge enough.)   I have a 1TB fusion drive in my iMac which I payed through the nose for.  I'd rather had a 256 gig SSD for OS and programs and used an external platter for data.   Lemon Bon Bon.
 A sound post. Phones are very much about fashion as they are functionality. The new iPhone 5C is no accident.  The colours in iPhone 5S.  Similarly.  Perhaps somewhat overdue moves.  And I'll expect a bigger screen iPhone to compliment the range next year. But yes, if Apple didn't move with the  times on it's iOS the competition can catch up and eclipse you.  You can run the risk of going from cool to unhip. They don't want to be the only one wearing flares when every one...
So far.  I like the icons on the intro screen.  Things seem to be quick and zippy enough.   I guess it's a little clinical and stark.  An example of that?  The note application.  I liked the yellow application.  The new one is very stark.  Sure the old games centre was tacky...and the new one works better.  So it goes.   It lacks the warmth of iOS 6 and prior.  It doesn't have four years or so of refinement behind it yet.   That may come with time.   Lemon Bon Bon.
iOS 7 is just the 'beginning.' It will get refined. It's just the start of a new direction. I have it on my iPad 3. iPhone 5 will be next. Going to play with it. Downloaded it last night. Lemon Bon Bon.
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