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  The top end iMac is a sound piece of kit.   There's a few reasons why you'd take it over the base Mac Pro.  The monitor being a key one.  Some people like it's AIO appeal.   As for Morons.  Complete or otherwise...  It's name calling based on hypertheticals.  We don't know how much the new Pro is going to be.   Likely as pricey as the old entry point for £2045 inc VAT.  But better value if it includes two gpus trade off vs the monitor in the iMac?   Expect the base Pro...
What he said.   Lemon Bon Bon.
I'd love to be able to view A3 300 dpi print documents on a monitor that can rotate so I can view them A3 native print size.   Lemon Bon Bon.
Is that display tech' even possible at the moment?  Anybody selling one?    Or will Apple just do '4k?'   Lemon Bon Bon.
  Good for viewing A3 documents?  I'll need a 2nd monitor to look at 11x17 inch comic book art pages that I scan in...     Lemon Bon Bon.
  This.  Top post. :)   Lemon Bon Bon.
  I enjoyed the well reasoned arguments there.   Especially the summative punchline.  (I think it's a far more flexible machine which can be tailored to many more needs virtually unlimited external expansion vs limited internal expansion.  Also, would we have 'killed' for a dual GPU machine but mere few months ago?  12 core single cpu as standard on the top end?  Blisteringly fast SSD?  It's worlds away from the old model.  And it's the Cube reborn.  What more do we want?...
  So what you're saying is that we're getting a PCI slot 'upgrade' in practice.  Sure, they're not as fast, technically as PCIe 3?  ...but you get a practical upgrade because we're not dealing with only theoretical bottlenecks?  eg you have the 'two' gpus taking up what would have been the '16' lane PCI slots.  (which is what you would have had anyway in the old design...except that Apple never offered SLI and there was no chance they were ever going to do that...many...
  I'm rather bemused they didn't just release an iPod touch with phone capability.   I think the touch is a better design.  I like the smooth rear shell better than the edged iPhone 5.  The touch looks really sexy in person.     The colours are there.  The design is sexy.  But I doubt (Apple being Apple) will do this.  The swirls around the plastic design are pretty deafening...   Not that I have a problem with that.  If that white design is the cheap-ER iPhone, I'm down...
As for FCPX?   People struggle with change.   As for the new Pro?   People struggle with change.   I remember people whining about the iMac Bondi without floppy, the iPod, OS X etc.     Apple are still here.  Still challenging and being challenging.   I'll give them that.  That's why I buy their kit and they have the best OS in the business.   Lemon Bon Bon.
New Posts  All Forums: