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 :) A compelling post.  Maybe Wizard may also agree with you on this.  I know I do.  I'd like to see AMD get back in the 'race' with 'Zen' and do for cpus what their gpus do.  ie.  Perform competitively. I thought we'd be seeing 6-8 cores on desktop at .14.  And clock speeds somewhat higher.  9 years, huh?  The i7 has been around for some time now.  Feels like we have had 'tread water' updates in the last few years.   But still, if Skylake only offers 20% efficiency on...
A 5k Retina iMac with Skylake, faster ram, much faster PCIe (those speeds on the new Macbook Pro are insane...) and a 980 Nividia type GPU or the new mega fast memory GPU cards from AMD? All adds up to a rock solid and great potential update for the iMac. Lemon Bon Bon.
"Apple needs to keep the Mac mini designed as the working person's Mac" I think that's a compelling statement. There's no reason why it shouldn't have a quad core. With Skylake, maybe it will come back with significant int' graphics performance gains? Maybe it will again become a compelling machine. I wonder, with Skylake, will a 'Mini' be able to run a 4k display at a respectable '60' refresh? Lemon Bon Bon.
"Artists didn't put themselves into this position, at least not directly. Case in point -- one of the biggest pop stars in the business, Taylor Swift, cannot be found on Spotify, because she controls her music. Labels and publishers are the real bad guys here, for many more reasons than pimping out their artists for pennies to Spotify." Interesting comment. Artists controlling their creativity...sounds intriguing. Lemon Bon Bon.
  Too right. :) Give it up, Wizard.  The retina iMac is the best desktop ever.  5k display.  R290 GPU.  SSD.  4 gig i7 CPU.  I've only 'played' with the baseline' retina iMac and it is a wonder to behold.  As we move to Skylake and a possible R300 series GPU (?)  and faster connections and memory(?) the iMac will only become a more impressive machine than it is already. The iMac is becoming quite the beast.  It's already rough housing the entry level Mac Pro which costs...
As for the Macbook.  Played with one today.  Quite astonishing.  Like the innovative new keyboard.  And that trackpad.  So thin!  Beautiful screen.  SSD more than compensates for the M processor which is no slouch on most mainstream cpu tasks.   Be interesting to see what sales impact it has.   Should get a circa £100 price cut going forwards.  A revision 'B' and 'C' machine is going to killer compound its appeal.   Impressive.   Lemon Bon Bon.
...and here's hoping for a more powerful quad core and improved GPU mini.  Pricey for what it is.   Lemon Bon Bon.
Skylake!   *sniff, sniff.  I smell iMac revision...   5k retina trickles down the line somewhat.  Beefier gpu.  Faster cpu.  More or faster ram.  512 SSD as standard!?   I could go for that.   Lemon Bon Bon.
 Yes.  Nicely summed up.  Pretty much the way the wind is blowing going forwards. A 'laptop' variant iOS device may arrive with the iPad+, stylus included.  But less clunky than M$'s 'hybrid.' Stick a 'laptop' iOS device/iPad+ above the current iPad but beneath the entry Air.  Killer.  Powered by a promising A9 chip.  (The A8X is already pretty impressive.) As you said, iOS software is massive.  To me, iOS is eventually going to replace the Mac in the way the Mac replaced...
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