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Apple need to offer a choice here.  It's not like the days when there were 5-10 gpu makers and have to support every make.  It's AMD and Nvidia. Give 'Pro' users the choice. Similarly with the iMac.  Apple.  A 200 Billion in the bank corp' can't offer a choice of two 'leading edge' GPUs for the iMac enclosure? Does anybody remember when Apple ACTUALLY gave people a choice of ATI and Nvidia? :P  I do.  There should be discrete options in any machine over £1000.  There USED...
 And it achieved that with it with iPad (Son of Mac.) The best value 'Mac.'  Ever. Lemon Bon Bon.
And where are the graphical charts boasting about what a great upgrade the 395MX is compared to the 295MX? :P  Really?  How about we compare that to the last gen.  Why so coy, Apple? *sniff, sniff.  Smells like AMD re-badge BS to me... Lemon Bon Bon.
ie.  Cheapskates for Premium prices.   In contrast, I consider the laptops good value.  (Better value than the desktops...)  And the iPad Pro the bargain of the century.  And the iPad 2 is a great value 'Mac' at £399.   Every Mac product bar the iMac has SSD included.  (Don't talk to me about the Mac Mini red haired step child...)   Lemon Bon Bon.
I have no problem with Apple being hungry...nor with their perpetual 'near death' response in 1997.  God bless his guv'nor Steve Jobs. However, irony of ironies...the company that 'dropped' the floppy with teh sexy Bondi...can't drop the 'platter' with the Alumni. Let's call these iMac updates what they really are.  'Interim.' :P Lemon Bon Bon.
Next year, GPUs are in for a significant shift in power.  Might be worth waiting for.  Who knows, maybe the Mini might get some crumbs from the table in that regard.   It's about worth updating the Mini this year.  Even the iMac got a half baked update.   We're in a port, cpu and gpu transition.  2015 was a non-event with Intel struggling to 'deliver' anything significant.  Maybe with AMD's zen and HBM2 gpus, Intel and Nvidia both will compete again for the end...
...maybe next year we'll get the ports updated to go with Skylake? :P   Lemon Bon Bon.
 I've read plenty of posts on Macrumors and Appleinsider on this 'astro turf' (well, even I had trouble eating Uncle Phil's hyperbole this time...) and your post is right on the money.  Anybody with half a brain should wait for about 12 months before buying an iMac or any other type of machine. 2015 is a non-event or yes, 'wasted' in terms of traditional computing.  Glacial, incremental improvements.  Put really in the shade by the computing power offered by e.g.. iPad Pro...
Agreed.  Even more trivial for a company with 200 billion in the bank. Lemon Bon Bon.
 Underwhelming.  Certainly.  Yes.  Half a year late.Sure, 4k for the 21incher is great.  But a 5400rpm HD?!  The best and worst of Apple. A mediocre update. Lemon Bon Bon.
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