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 That's the one.  An ominous stat for the opposition.  On current performance trajectory, the A chip line looks like a juggernaut coming down the track... Lemon Bon Bon.
3 4k video streams? That's some going! This A9X is a beast of a cpu/gpu. What an enormous leap in power! At this rate of improvement things are going to get real interesting. A10? A11? The mind boggles. Faster than 80% of PCs shipped last year? That's some stat. And one worth repeating inside one's mind. Apple clearly meant for that stat to resonate. It foreshadows an intriguing future for iOS, iOS devices and ARM. I so want an iPad Pro...WITH...
The rate the A9X (a real monster of a chip...) and subsequent chips are improving...   ...they're chasing down the PS4 already.   And yes.  I like the PS4 (that and a copy of Destiny...)   Lemon Bon Bon.
The birth and death of Sony's dominance of gaming on the same day?  Fitting.   The console makers have become too greedy and arrogant. $50 games?  $400 systems?  $50 game controllers?  Give me a break.   What he said.   Lemon Bon Bon.
The current gen consoles are relatively underpowered compared to the impact the previous gen had.  Oh.  An A8 Apple cpu/gpu will compete! Casual gamers.  On a big hi-def TV.  Apple already own the casual gaming market.  People scoffed at the iPod's click wheel getting games.  Not scoffing now, eh?  I think the Apple TV 4th gen will catch up and outsell the PS4 and XBone1.  Think about how many units the 'unremarkable' ATV 'hobby' shifted. Yes.  PCs are going to get a big...
Oh.  And that SCREEN!   Lemon Bon Bon.
A9X.  4 Gigs of Ram.   A real monster.   Lemon Bon Bon.
iPad Pro.   Dream artist tablet...  Pencil.  Stylus...FINALLY done right.   Procreate app.   Heaven.   Amen.   Lemon Bon Bon.
 Great post. A9X is an order of magnitude ahead of the A7 and A8 chips.  And they were impressive...and considered 'Desktop class.' "outperforms 80% of CPUs and 90% of iGPUs sold in Windows "PC" laptops last year." Turns out.  Apple weren't kidding. :O  That is some statistic!  :O All of a sudden, Apple is on the verge of wiping out the £650 or less PC market!  Truly, the 'Macs' for the rest of us! Given the glacial rate of Intel updates cpu wise...and the meteoric...
Aye.  That's the ace up the sleeve... ;) Lemon Bon Bon.
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