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I've just punted Google from my iPhone recently. I've nominally put yahoo on search. But I'm using 'start page' for my searches now. I've also punted Google from my desktop. Long overdue. What took me so long... Arrogant snakes. Lemon Bon Bon.
...and......and...Interesting viewpoints...Lemon Bon Bon.
http://micgadget.com/13419/more-thou...e-new-mac-pro/ From a while back. What's this...Apple getting access to an 8 core chip...'just for them?' Lemon Bon Bon.
http://micgadget.com/21980/apple-is-...=Google+Reader Hmm... 16 cores. :o Smack that thang. Lemon Bon Bon.
http://www.electronista.com/articles....workstations/ The plot thickens... Lemon Bon Bon.
[QUOTE]LaCie’s wicked fast Thunderbolt Drives turn MacBooks into Mac Pros Wednesday, February 15, 2012 · 12:30 pm · 21 Comments “Hard drive supremo LaCie will at last sell you a 2big Thunderbolt Series external drive,” Charlie Sorrel reports for Cult of Mac. “It’s about time. Thunderbolt is as fast as hooking components up inside the computer, and as such makes a MacBook almost as expandable as a Mac Pro,” Sorrel reports. “It might also make it as expensive: the 4TB...
Back in the day, Apple sold less than a million computers per quarter. Dark times. Back when they offered beige towers and pizza box machines. Now? Apple sells 5 million Macs per quarter. More than they used to see in in over a year. Apple's pretty clear about their direction. And it is benefiting their customers. And their shareholders. And their bottom line. They're nailed to the Consumer Electronics Company Flag. Towers are a drop in the ocean by comparison. ...
Is that Samclone lining itself up for a beating? *Takes out the bat...and waits. Lemon Bon Bon.
I can understand Wizard's frustration with Apple's desktops as much as I understand Apple's design direction in desktops... Looking at the iPad, alot of power is going into a very small device. And that's set to go off the charts for the retina iPad. It's signalling a trend. Perhaps components on Apple's desktop are finally catching up with the designs of the iMac and Mac Mini to a degree. With ivy bridge cpus...the i7 finally filtering down to the Mini...for...
Heh, thanks for the GTFO clarification. It's now or never for the Mac Pro re-design. It would be a nice opportunity to deliver Wizard's 'X-Mac' machine. Surely the Mac Pro is the odd one out in terms of desktop. Everything else is getting smaller. While the Pro remains monolithic. (In an admittedly, somewhat timeless and beautifully engineered...overly so, case.) Give me an alu cube where you can sit one 'pro' on top of the other. Like lego bricks. I still miss...
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