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I think the lamp Mac boat has sailed. I was fond of it's design. But it's boutique, space age design looks aged compared to the classy elegance of the current iMac. Let's face it. Apple's keeping the mini, evolving the iMac (probably into some bendy/dockable touch variant in the future...who knows..) And the Pro? Will probably stay as it is. Overpriced and with the current design. For a dinosaur tower design? As good as it gets. Bar the crap gpus and quad...
You said it. 'Nice' doesn't get you off the hook. ie 'Nice' but flawed. Lemon Bon Bon.
I'm a 'Mac' guy. But I don't blame your decision. Apple are so 'up' themselves re: the Mac. They're sitting on 40 billion plus. They're using rebadged cpus and gpus. They're forcing an BTO option for an i7. They're still charging a premium for quad core chips... And the price bands to get access to low end to middle performing hardware is pure, out and out greed. I'm just sickened by it. If it wasn't for Os X, I'd 'f*ck' Apple off and buy my hardware elsewhere. You...
Ulcers? No kidding. I'm very frustrated with Apple's take on the spec of Mac desktops. 'Whatever.' That's how I feel. I won't be buying them. I'm sure plenty will. The specs smack of astonishing arrogance. Especially on the iMac. The i7 is STILL a BTO option a year later(!) and the gpu in the top end is mid-range. I guess the only consolation is that a year from now...maybe Apple will offer a six core AMD offering for their iMac? I mean. Dual...
'Crapulence.' I dunno. That word does for me with the recent desktop 'updates.' Side grade and price hikes. Lemon Bon Bon.
Yeh, Marv'. 'No real thought.' Except the sheer creativity put into using 'last year's' tech' into machines that cop a price rise across the board. Bargin bin specs with recession defying prices. Where did the Apple go that used to give its customers price breaks? The gpus stink. Rebadged Ati cards. Even the 'top of the line' is a mediocre mid range card that can barely out muscle the 4850 on 'some' benches. And the 4850 must be dirt cheap by now. It could have been...
:/ That's all I have to say about the 'pro' and iCrap updates. Lemon Bon Bon.
...and the i7 is till BTO? Cheap ass dual core i3s right up to £1400!!! And the gpus are just rebadged, years old tech'. Apple. Go f*ck yourself. With your bargain basement specs and rip off prices. Lemon Bon Bon.
For everything else? There's Mastercard. Lemon Bon Bon.
Keep imagining. Because that's all you'll be doing until you win the 'Lotto.£1995 for the base 'pro.':/Lemon Bon Bon.
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