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No sh*t. Lemon Bon Bon.
I do admire alot of the work Apple does on the OS, software side which they virtually give away for free. The iPad is a landmark machine. Price wise. It's way better value than the mac mini!!! And it has a free keyboard and screen...and wayyyy more apps available for it. The iPhone 4 is state of the art (and on order. I'm no.60 on a waiting list...) :/ And I'm excited about where Apple going going generally. But I've never been a big fan of their desktop...
You know. I wonder if the iMac will get the 6 core AMD in a future update? If the iMac had that, any decent gpu...that would be my next machine and I'll trade this one in. Lemon Bon Bon.
Work related. I might have guessed. For a long while you seemed like Melgross with hypertension. It was getting to the point where even Mel' seemed mellow compared to your postings... Your job must be stressful...heh. More vacations. As for the desktops. It's the same old for me. As a UK buyer, I along with Marv', feel hard done to. iMac's screen makes it good value. Great screen. But the C2D is out of date. So are the gpus. Wayyy past their prime. They're ok....
As for the magic... ...a little pixie dust sprinkled on the iMac and 'pro'? or the mythical x-mac? ...or...UK pricing wouldn't go amiss... Lemon Bon Bon.
Finally, a post from Dave that sounds like his old self again. Balanced. Well reasoned and constructive. I haven't lost all hope for a 'trimmed' pro design x-Mac. Using AMD and a decent gpu option. Though the prices for the 'pro' with it's workstation cheap ass 'old when introduced' consumer 9500GT card, ooops, 120...are insane...I look forward to the pro update...with interest. Add in the 27 incher and it's going to be pricey. I 'reckon' £3000 to get the entry model,...
I think you're right. The £1499 is long gone. My only hope is for a smaller tower design that might have a cheaper entry model. But look at the UK prices over the last year or so. Mini. Up from £399 to £645. iMac up from £675 entry to £995 entry. Mac Pro up from £1495 to a mind warping £2k. 'We're not in it for the money.' Jobs' Apple. Sure... At least my iPhone 4 aint going to cost 2k. Lemon Bon Bon.
Heh. I wish I'd have written that. Lemon Bon Bon.
Word on the street is that drivers for the new GPUs for the Mac Pro have been discovered...(which will no doubt be premium priced options on top of a 2K entry price for the mac pro.) (See Macrumours for details...) Here's hoping to a smaller Mac 'pro' with gpus that aren't already two years out of date as standard. A 27 inch monitor is probably a given. (How long since the monitor range received a refresh?) But smaller design please (it's due a design...
I'm no.60 on the list. Come on, Apple. Send more iPhones to Tescos...what's taking you so long. I could have had an iPhone today. Orange offered my an iPhone right now. But theirs is a two year contract at £25 a month. With less texts. Less phone time. I said unless they could match Tesco's offer...no can do. And I've been an Orange customer for 5 years. Lemon Bon Bon.
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