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Well, I guess many will welcome the new desktops tomorrow? I'm expecting price rises judging by the Mac Mini's under whelming update and steep price rise. It's pretty predictable. Mac 'pro'. six core. 2k. The over due 27inch LED will emerge due to the 27 inch iMac bringing panel prices down? Apple will pocket the savings and charge loads for it. About a grand? Add that to the entry 'pro' and you won't get change from 3k. Then you'll pay for the latest...
Well, yeah. The 'pro' is like the dinosaur. The mammals are taking over. It's dead. Just not yet, eh? If Apple didn't put sh*t gpu in the iMac range, why bother with an x-mac anyhow? It's not like they can't fit the crappy, out of date, cheap ass 'top of the range' 4850 into an iMac. Artificial price tiering in that example. Why no option to add it for £50 to whatever iMac you want? Because we're Apple and we like screwing your wallet. Lemon Bon Bon.
Absolutely 100% nailed down. Apple? Focused on Macs? In general? Bahhhhhh. Baaaaaaaah. Meehheheheheheheheheh. Brays*. The Mac desktop line has been coasting for years. The mini recently got a makeover with stagnant specs. Why bother. Drop it and buy a laptop. The iMac design and redesign with glass edging is the only thing to have happened to Apple's desktop line in years. Monitors? About nothing. Mini. Years. Nothing. Pro? years. Nothing. The desktop...
Get in there my son! *Joins in, puts boot into mac 'pro' team...*(and keeps kicking...and kicking...)Lemon Bon Bon.
Ok. I'll stop now. That was wayyyy too easy. You guys are slipping... Still, if Apple could deliver an entry Mac 'pro' with a decent gpu as standard and 27 inch LED for £1,995 I would look longingly at it. I don't see it happening. They're too greedy. Lemon Bon Bon.
Re-hee-hee-heally? Ya think? What gave ya that idea? 'Wu-ell...I dohwn kno' T.C...' Benny. How could it NOT be? *(Looks at the flies around the pungent, dead carcass of the 'pro' range specs...) Lemon Bon Bon.
...and if the 'pro' is locked for 14 months. What's the point of the 'tower' format. It's not like you can add gpus to it in that 14 month cycle. Or an Apple branded monitor. They no longer sell them. (unless you count that apology of a display range updated 6-8 years ago?) Better to just create a 30 inch 'iMac Pro' and be done with it. You'd get a dual core in there? Plenty of space and some hot rod gills out the back. Let's not pretend Apple has a tower range. ...
Cheers, Marv'. One Marv' to rule them all. Spoken like a true king. Lemon Bon Bon.
Heh, heh, heh...'Behind the times?' The gpu was behind the times at launch. So poor. Terrible pain.I'll wager the next iPad revision out performs the current graphics on the 'pro'...in fact, I'll wager the next iPad bump comes out before the 'pro...'4 days? That long. I'm slipping.Still, has it really been since 2002 since the mac 'pro' was updated?Lemon Bon Bon.
*Hands Dave some spectacles. Now look again... Lemon Bon Bon.
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