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What? Lemon Bon Bon.
Ps. the Mac 'pro' is a niche product? How did that happen? When? Golly, would it have anything to do with charging 2k for a 2.66 quad core with a p*ss poor gpu...and offering premium components like 4 gigs or ram and a 5oo gig HD? Other than that...I have no idea... Lemon Bon Bon.
Dave, you always know how to 'kiss it better.' Lemon Bon Bon.
What? You made a sarcastic comment about Apple? *Goes for a lay down. (But not before wanting to hunt and gold frame the 'word for word' text where Solip' castigates teh mothership for the 14 month delay to the alone and unloved 'pro' range.) 'pro' users. *fist pumps his chest. I'm feeling it for you buddies... *wipes away tear. Lemon Bon Bon.
The monitor situation and over pricing is a goddamn disgrace. Your comparison between Dell and Apple's prices says it all. Apple want to make a killing on the monitor, a killing on the 'pro', a killing on the ram, a killing on a HD bump...a killing on the consumer wallet... Personally, I call it 'greed.' Other's mileage may vary. As for your suggestion on the Mac 'pro'. I'm all ears. Like always, you're the one poster on these boards that seems to 'get it' regarding...
Ya think? Lemon Bon Bon.
Heh. Lemon Bon Bon.
Apple's 'high performance' machine is nothing of the kind. It's embarrassed in specs by machines costing half as much. A p*ss poor gpu in a 'workstation' (what does that mean?) It was out of date (a rebadged Nvidia card at introduction) at launch. 'Dense'? Well, the entry Mac 'pro' weighting in at about 2k (sterling) is certainly not dense in spec, is it? Maybe 'dense' applies to people who only see one side of the argument or allow their allegiance (blind?) to warp...
Get that. Lemon Bon Bon.
Spoken like a true zealot. They sure haven't forgotten the profits from the Mac line. Or how to screw a 2 year old cpu eg in the iMac like. See Core 2 Duo for details. But the Mac Pro IS a forgotten machine. With an outrageous sticker price for a 'mere' quad core starting at an eye watering £2k for a 'workstation' with 'old tech' when it was introduced consumer GPU with laughable ram and HD. How can the flagship Mac computer not have an update in a year and a...
New Posts  All Forums: