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How pompous. 'Only be allowed...?' I think you're losing it Dave. How about I cellotape your face to the top of my iMac while I play Half Life 2? I give you a few minutes before you cry uncle. Lemon Bon Bon.
Not aware? Then you can't have one.I have one. Anything which involves breaking a sweat eg playing Half Life 2 (an old game by the way...) and the top part of the frame gets uncomfortably hot, yes, hot, not warm, hot to the touch.It's warm at the top as standard. But crank her up? Ouch time.They need a better cooling system.Lemon Bon Bon.
Amen brothers.You know. The same people who argue that Apple is right to charge these insane prices by using premium parts in the pro circumnavigate the argument for coming over to Intel in the first place. Performance. Yes. Choice. Yes. Competitive prices. Yes.So, how many of these have Apple addressed?AMD have six core computers over on overclockers.co.uk NOW!Where is Apple? Behind. Fact.What is Apple doing? Charging 2K for last years tech'. Fact.Apple are...
100% with you, Marv' again. I was being somewhat facetious and tongue in cheek (me?) with the price example. But history tells us the 'cranked' (the only word I can use) the UK price up to nearly £2k from £1500. Expect anything. And they yanked the dual processor as standard sometime back. Artificial pricing? Apple? Brah-hahahhahahahahahahah. No kidding. What do you call the prices on iMac, Mac Mini and the Pro? All machines with between 50-100% mark ups. We can...
Well, Programmer, I hope they are going to SURPRISE me! I won't promise to sell pleasure myself if they do. Lemon Bon Bon.
UK prices are a joke. Other 'PC' vendors operating in the UK can do competitive prices. But Apple have gotten much worse since leaving PPC behind. Ironic considering that they've been selling more. Ironic with it being in a recession. Take away the OS and the design. Would you buy one? No. Lemon Bon Bon.
Heh. 100% mark ups. I'd call that 'maximising' profits alright. A £300 computer selling for £650. Shadow of greed. Lemon Bon Bon.
That sounds cool. I'd love 10.7 for those two features alone. Can't wait. Well, I'll have to...next June? Sighs...* Lemon Bon Bon.
Dunno. Strategy seems to be charge more with each update.While offering 'old tech' that you claim their competitors use. So Apple doesn't?What do you call the Core 2 duo in the mini and iMac? Old? New?What do you call the GPU in the Mac 'pro' old? New?Oh. The question. Are you suggesting that I suggest something that you agree with?Lemon Bon Bon.
Heh. So overclockers sell 'bucket shop' computers? Re-hi-hee-heally? S'funny, my mate's PC is still going almost 3 years later. Great case. 'Decent' OS. 'Friggin'? Who said anything about me buying a mini? Do I look insane? 'Here's £650 for a cutting edge desktop...' Don't answer that. Lemon Bon Bon.
New Posts  All Forums: