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I hear what you're saying about the 'cycle'. It doesn't have to be change every 3 months. But 15?They're a 40+ billion dollar company. Offer 'bumps' with what are 'cheap' parts (let's face it...they'd have to be...or Apple wouldn't be using them to milk our cash...) eg more ram, bigger HD, better gpu. A third of 15 months is 5 months. We could have had some sort of update in Jan' to boost some of the specs. Y'know, for a company that once got up on stage and...
Has it really been 15 months since the last Pro update? *sniffs the smell from the decomposing body. Yep. Looking at the name on the deceased GPU...I guess your right. Hmmm. I still covert my neighbours Mac Pro. But the iMac does want I want for now. And with quad, hyper threaded cpus starting to filter into the iMacs...I'm sure many 3D hobbyists and the odd pro will give it the 'look.' I know I'm going to weight up a Mac Pro vs iMac in year's time. 12...
Blah, blah, really. 'Delays'. Shrugs.* They don't necessarily mean 'meaningful' updates. Sometimes, every two years or so we get a meaningful update inbetween Apple 'coasting' on their 'i-success.' The caveat to the iMac being one of the best in recent history is the that the updates before it sucked. Especially the 'side grade' price jack iMac recent history updates. The screen was a great addition. Granted. But the lack of quad cpu across the board was cheap-ass...
'Great shot kid, that was one in a million.' Han Solo. Lemon Bon Bon.
HL2 is no 'mere' 'tunnel shooter.' (Looks at games like Quake...and the retarded tech-demo Crysis as a comparison...) Lemon Bon Bon.
Yes. How did they go from £1500 to 1900 again? Remind me, somebody. Then you have to pay for a 'mid range' gpu to go on top of that? No thanks. Marv', not all the overclockers examples are 'overclocked.' That was kind of my point. The 'normal' quads are even cheaper with kick ass gpus. It was there to highlight the point that Apple are charging outrageous prices for access to quad technology and they need calling out on it and their lame gpus gpu choices whilst...
And like you say, it takes away the 'traditional' problems of 'traditional' distribution away. Because most Mac owners are on the internet (ie in 'one' place...) and they have disposable incomes less torrent users and more likley to pay for our software. So, as a gaming market, we punch above our weight. Lemon Bon Bon.
A scalpel like analysis. ...and that 'comparatively' small Mac gaming market is 3 million in sales per quarter...and closing in on that epic 4 million sales target...(iPad and iPhone 'halos' about to hit like a Tsunami...) Lemon Bon Bon.
I don't think he's being an 'idiot'. Those days were a long time ago. Apple II was a worthy machine. Apple had gaming and lost it. Now they've found it again? As for the machine to have. Twas the C64 out of all the 8-bit machines. Lemon Bon Bon.
Applauds. Yeh, I had a PC gaming mate who paid £2300 for 'gaming' rig. I questioned his motives at the time. He may as well have got himself a 360 and saved himself a lot of money and got himself a bootcamping iMac with the change for gaming and productivity. Well, you know what they say about 'closed' minds. Lemon Bon Bon.
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