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Like mentioned, 20 minute flight, can't change the battery to continue filming, and a 2 hour charging time (in the forest or on a mountain, not very easy) means you really need to know what the heck you're filming beforehand. Great action shots often require many takes before it's done "right". There's certainly a market for this drone, but the long lead time is a problem. How long timewise is a Paypal price protection? If you pay now, and they are supposed to deliver in...
I'm in Canada, my watch was scheduled for 4-6 weeks delivery, and this morning I just got a UPS tracking number for the watch, directly from Apple!!! Delivery date: tomorrow!! I'm so psyched!!
Transit app has also added it. Useful for metro and bus schedules, live tracking,
I've been using iOS 7 with my Retina iPad (3rd gen) and it keeps crashing multiple times daily, supposedly due to memory leaks. When I say crash, I mean it goes back to the black screen with a white Apple logo. The iPhone 4S was also a crash-worthy candidate, but really not as bad as the 3rd gen iPad. Anyone know if that will fix problems with older gen iPads?
Yes, that's version 1.0.1 ... I'm looking for 1.5.1   Thanks for the quick answer though!
I am looking for "Magnet" software, that allowed to add special effects to video by sticking an animated image onto a point (your finger for example). It was published by Ex-Cinder - which no longer exists.    So there is no way for me to acquire this app other than hoping that someone still has it lying around somewhere!! Anything else similar to it??   Can anyone help?   Thanks!!
Anyone know if there is even a hint of a refresh for the ATV? I'm in the market for one, just waiting for a new one.. But don't want to wait a year either!!
I'm disappointed, I thought it would be for all iPhones. I have a 4S and an iPad 3, and I do get regular crashes (goes back to white Apple logo and resets) throughout the day. OSXdaily had warned users not to upgrade until fixes were released, but I was way too excited to wait any longer - I can put up with it for a while, as the rest is just pure bliss, but it's annoying.
Wow, mine took over an hour!! Anyone know why that would be (not jailbroken anymore for the last 2 updates)
It's all good. Download was a few minutes, but it took about an hour to completely install. Don't know what's new, tho! Supposedly access to photostream and a few bug quashes...
New Posts  All Forums: