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Actually, Android is the biggest selling in Canada... By far. It's being aggressively pushed by telcos here, and you can get many phones for free, and as you know, free always sells best.
Wifi: Never dropped at all, at home or at work. Full strong signal, yet I am upstairs and the router is in the cement basement. Heat: Yes, I felt a corner being warm when playing games yet I thought it was normal. Not a big deal. Actually cools down within seconds as soon as you turn off the app. Battery: I use airplay a lot while playing games, and it does drain the battery. I'm sure the same can be said for the iPad 2.
Yes, and it would be tragic if they stopped making money today and have to pay out all this money over the next 3 years. BUT, they do expect to keep selling more and more, so even with this level of expense, they will still keep accumulating a great deal in their war chest. It will keep growing, alas at a more respectable pace, and stock holders will reap more reward. Let's see how Wall Street digests this news. It takes effect in July BTW, so plenty of time for growth...
Wi-Max. 'Nuff said. No need to do the "final mile" linking to individual homes. Just local networks. Just look beyond our current technology, and it'll get there. Give it a few years. So the point is valid.
I probably am confusing it also. You mean that the universal app file I have in iTunes on my computer contains all necessary files for normal res and retina res and iPad res, yet when it is installed on my iPhone, it will not put all the files, just the ones necessary for the low res screen of my 3GS iPhone and not the higher res files?? Seriously? You sure about that?? It would make sense, yet all journalists and bloggers have not mentioned that. Any link to a website...
these pics are not even the 5MP originals! 1296x968 doesn't even fill up the screen! Of course you'll get pixel artifacts on a resized picture!!!
These guys don't even look Vietnamese! Viets have much finer facial features. FAKE! I smell Korean trolls!
Hope so! Because those shots were not very good. And I can't imagine Apple touting their 5 lens optics system for something this bad! NFB Pixstop app will be fantastic with this camera. Looking forward to seeing if the camera uses the full res for that kind of animation/video app.
Who's betting on Real Racing HD+? And some smashing EA FPS? Plus demos of Pages, graphics package, and iBooks+ 2.0?
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