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Like VHS and S-VHS, maybe S-HD? But I like HD+, it -looks- better. And it's simple, yet elegant. Well done!
It was a mockup. If you look at the lighting under the index and thumb, the thumb has very white light, yet it is sitting on the black edge where no light is emitted. Also, a dark background doesn't emit so much light that the fingers would be so lit up from underneath!Plus, if you leave your finger on that calendar icon for longer than 3 seconds, the icons would start wobbling! And it takes longer than 3 seconds for a professional photograph to get this shot...EDIT: ok,...
Sharp being the manufacturer, it would seem we're getting the IGZO display. Thin, light, bright, battery-friendly. Ahhh! March can't come fast enough!
Actually, I'm on that bandwagon. I don't see Apple using such a high density screen. For an iPhone, we've all seen how it can improve readability on such a small screen. On an iPad, there is no reason for such high res, there is enough real estate to make things legible with a good resolution. It really is overkill. And will again make the app world split itself with a standard version, a Retina version, an HD version, and now a FullHD version. And people will be...
OK, available now! 13h15
Not available in Canada yet...
The US isn't the most populated nation on Earth. Unless you meant pompous, which would be about right.
Won't make much difference. An iPad still takes 10 seconds to boot up when doing a restart, and can do instant-on from the moment the iOS is loaded up. A MacBook takes a while longer to boot up, but also has instant-on and stays that way until restart, so that point is moot. Unless I don't get what you are talking about.
Thru Justin.tv Plug your hacked ATV v1.0 with Boxee and stream away on your 55 incher!
If they can get the iOS version of VLC on that box that can play 720p MKV's, or get the OS X and PC VLC to send compatible AirPlay signal to the AppleTV v2.0, this would be the ultimate box for me and MANY MANY people I'm sure! I'd get rid of my v1.0 right now if that was the case. Until then, XBMC will rule on my ATV v1.0
New Posts  All Forums: