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I wouldn't like to be the quality control manager for Maps 1.0. Lumberg: Yeah.. so, we're rolling out a map of the entire Earth next month. Can you just go in there and check everything's labeled properly? Thanks... Yeah.. and I'm gonna have to ask you to come in on Saturday.
  Yes, that's exactly what he said in the keynote, except you can opt to allow network access after receiving the scary warning.
Reminds me of this article where you could hear relevant Google ads during a 911 call:   http://www.theonion.com/video/new-google-phone-service-whispers-targeted-ads-dir,17470/
 No, it's called One World Trade Center. Freedom Tower is no longer the official name. Now leave me in peace while I enjoy my freedom fries.
Brooklyn would be the fourth largest city in America if not part of NYC, and yet we still have no Apple store, while Manhattan is awash in them.
It is even faster to get to your home screen with Touch ID than swipe to unlock with no passcode: just click and release while keeping your thumb on the home button. I pull my phone out a lot, and it is a noticeable pleasure to not need to enter the code every time, but throw in that it's faster than swiping to unlock with no passcode, it makes setting up a secure device a no brainier. Also, as the poster above noted, my daughter hacked my code by watching me when she was...
Agreed! The should get out the snowblowers and make them all match.
My dad switched to Verizon in Wisconsin extremely reluctantly to get the iPhone. They love US Cellular there and he is back with them on Nov 8.
 Is it ActiveSync or Apple's implementation? I actually don't know. Never have email problems, actually, but keeping calendars in sync is really problematic. I advise users not to accept or change meetings on their iOS devices. Also, there is an API for setting out of office. Such an obvious need, and Apple is becoming the de facto choice for corporate smart phones. They need to spend a lot more in this area.
Good! Maybe Apple will start taking exchange support seriously.
New Posts  All Forums: