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Agreed! The should get out the snowblowers and make them all match.
My dad switched to Verizon in Wisconsin extremely reluctantly to get the iPhone. They love US Cellular there and he is back with them on Nov 8.
 Is it ActiveSync or Apple's implementation? I actually don't know. Never have email problems, actually, but keeping calendars in sync is really problematic. I advise users not to accept or change meetings on their iOS devices. Also, there is an API for setting out of office. Such an obvious need, and Apple is becoming the de facto choice for corporate smart phones. They need to spend a lot more in this area.
Good! Maybe Apple will start taking exchange support seriously.
 Sarcasm detector: off
We don't know what they will charge for the 5C in other markets. The cheaper case may give them more margin room to play with. As for the 5S, this is a great "S" upgrade. The fingerprint sensor is a major feature and addresses my biggest annoyance about using smartphones. It will be pretty difficult for others to match, at least to do it this seamlessly and reliably. The camera and its software are also compelling. Oh, and going 64-bit in production before ARM has even...
Exactly... Look on the bright side. If you're ever arrested, they don't need to take prints and mug shots. They've already got everything loaded in the database from your phone and will have an expedited processing line for iPhone owners.
Since Linux was already well supported, I suspect the 1-week port made use of the standard UNIX calls and X11 for presentation. I doubt very many core Apple dev technologies were used, so it was probably a relatively trivial port. That may change as the port develops. The fact that it was the fastest they had ever seen Mari run on any workstation is still impressive for a computer the size of a 40 of Colt45.    On an unrelated note, where is the power supply? My...
They could never outdo Intel in a general purpose processor. Unless their vertical integration of OS, IDE, and programming language allows them somehow to perform the most common functions in hard-wired silicon, there is no way they can come close to Intel performance. They wouldn't even consider this if it didn't mean they forsee a way to crush the performance of all competitors who use off the shelf parts. If they can do that, then it makes sense to go through another...
Sounds like the patent and Quickview are very different things. One thing you have to be able to implement in Quickview is an ability to read many file formats, such as the old and new MS office formats, to provide previews at the OS-level. Not exactly trivial and not something you should be able to patent without demonstrating you can actually implement it.
New Posts  All Forums: