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When the free three month trial was announced, I assumed Apple was taking on the expense of royalty payments. I agree that artists should not have to subsidize Apple's acquisition of market share. Apple can afford to cover the expense.
Ended this connector war has.
In other words they will generate more revenue from a single new product line in five months than the whole company did in fy 2004.
I love that the loop displayed in Nike is my actual morning running loop around Prospect Park in Brooklyn.
My friend is a film director and got a demo recently. He said it was startling. Not just games but films in VR will be amazing. Today it requires a high-end PC, but in five years your phone will power it.
 Apple would only make fully electric cars along the vein of Tesla. They would have nothing to contribute to the ICE car market. EVs are the future and are a doubling of range and a halving of battery cost from making practical and economic sense for most people. EVs are wide open to for innovation and new ideas, and use a lot technologies Apple knows well. I'd love to see them in direct competition with Tesla and see those companies drive the future of electric cars. 
A lead of 52% over 42% is no longer dominance, just a lead.
Aw, man. I was sooo looking forward to using CurrentC at Best Buy.
Love the commitment.
While it's definitely time to move on from the old Type-A connector, it was designed in the era of ports with thumbscrews (VGA, serial and parallel ports), so at the time it was revolutionary. We just expect more now.
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