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I have a question, this morning, my computer slipped off the counter, and fell (turned on) about 3 feet, landing on it's monitor, closed. The compute functions almost perfectly. Seems to not have done much beyond a basic rattling. However, there is one problem Microsoft Word (2004) does not function. It will open, and permit a few words to be type (occasionally), but that is it. This is a legit copy of Office, but the install discs are 800 km away. I have tried...
I have a small problem in Itunes, running on Windows XP. When running basic mp4's in iTunes, I am now unable to play movies in full screen format. When I run the full screen (with or without visuals) I can a very small box in the center of my screen that is the movie. The only way to make it a large screen is to use the fit to screen function. What is the magic key combination to push to reverse this? Is worked earlier, and then ceased to function...
Where are the sample projects hidden for Aperture? I just installed it on my computer, and it came with 2.7 GB (at least) of Sample Projects, which I don't need, so I seek to remove them. Thanks in advance.
Actually, Edmonton, AB. BMO (Bank of Montreal) runs across Canada, and is considered to be a major bank. It's based out of Montreal, but there are branches across Canada.
Unfortunately, the Iphone is not available in Canada. So I'm out of luck there. Nice idea though.
Ok, Thanks for the answers. I'm thinking using the Safari Web Browser for a RBC or a BMO Bank account. Unfortunately, the Ipod Touch's are very difficult to find a demo. Most of the stores still don't have stock in them, or do not have a demo model out. I knew about the zooming feature, but was wondering about its ease of use. My parents were concerned about the print being too small on a web page, but the zoom ability would cure that.
Couple of questions for my mother, Can the Ipod Touch do the following tasks: -Online Banking through Safari using a wireless network? How is its ease of use? -Reading news articles online? How big is the font? Easy to read? -Writing emails, how is the QWERTY touch keyboards ease of use and speed? -Researching towns, places, sites through Safari - is it as easy as using an Imac? Is it readable? How do pictures show up? Thanks in Advance.
How do I either convert to a simple, usable format (like pdf) a .rar file? I have a repair manual in that format, and Excel will open it, but show up as garbbled computer type script. Can these files be easily converted, or is there a program that can use them? Thanks. EDIT: Did some more in depth searching found it, ignore posting and delete thread.
Hey. my sisters Ipod, a 2GB, 2nd Generation Ipod Nano is no longer working. She bought an Ipod charger from a kiosk in a local mall, plugged it in, and the back area behind the screen got very hot (to the point of being to hot too touch). She unplugged it, and found that the Ipod still worked. When she went to plug it in to her computer (G4 Ibook), about an hour later, it ceased to function. Resetting the Ipod did not work, Itunes will not recognize the Ipod at all. ...
New Posts  All Forums: