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I wonder if it's possible to connect the new 2013 iMac's 2 thunderbolt outputs on the back to a third party thunderbolt 2 hub that would then drive a 4k monitor?  
With 18 effects running on the clip and no dropped frames … you've got a serious machine … just wish they continued with FCP 7 upgrades!
I have to agree with what is being said here. Video production is a fast paced business and if you are a studio ... so many people are involved that it's difficult at the best of times to keep the ball rolling on schedule. Schedule is the key word here. It would have been better to release FCPX with all of the capabilities of FCP7 and then some. Those capabilities were there to transcode into the new product ... that would have been a good starting place to move on. ...
Softbank, like all companies in Japan, uses lock-down systems. It's sad but that's the mentality in a Japanese company. Buy hardware in Hong Kong and use the sim card from softbank in Japan. That's the only way to get around these Japanese companies monopoly designs!
anyone out there?
Am I the only one having problems burning DVDs on Snow Leopard using pioneer DVD recorders. I've got 3 of these external burners ... 107 - 118 - and the DVR 218L ... none of them recognize a DVD disk in the tray on Dragon burn or toast 10.5. Any one else:
In the custom install section of Snow Leopard you'll find printers and rosetta. Just click those and done. My printer has had no problem updating from tiger. I did reinstall the 34mm expresscard firmware and have had no problem with that as well.
thanks that seems to have solved the basic problem but ... still have a cutoff problem that seems to happen about every 10 minutes. I just get disconnected ???
An odd thing occurred last week and it seems to persist. In system preferences my "network" settings have been modified by an application. Which one it does not say. A pulldown notice informs me of this but does not let me make changes in network? When I go to keychain in utilities there is something called "pppd" in password but I can't get my keychain password to delete it? I think this is the problem but don't know which program it's associated with? Any ideas...
Excellent ram and in general, and excellent company!
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