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How ugly is OS X 10.11? Are they going further in the direction of a cartoon interface or are they backing out to a realistic one? Will it have circles everywhere as in 10.10 and iOS? Will it continue the transition from icons to symbols, or will it return to icons that bear some relationship to the things they represent? (What does the Photos symbol have to do with Photos?) I'm sick of the Picasso-Hanna Barbera interface and would like to see Apple return to beauty as a...
They shuttered the online Apple Store? I don't like shutters myself. When a tornado ripped the shutters from my house, I did not replace them. Without all those vertical decorations, my house actually looked wider. So I recommend that they take off the shutters and just close the door.
It is not surprising that the UI is inconsistent, and it will take a longer time for inconsistencies and bad design choices to disappear. The reason is that Apple's UI design is controlled by one person who answers to no one and needs no approval for his work. Even the queen said he is a genius and an expert, so who are we that he would consider our feedback? He has only one year of experience and zero training in designing software user interfaces. Industrial design and...
Since you were there, you can tell that she was tired of the conversation because she continued it for quite some time after that joke. Whatever corporate uses, the stores use. There are several ways to verify that they use Outlook. First, there was an optical disk on the genius bar labeled "Store Use Only" that was not supposed to be out of the back room. Second, an Apple employee strongly implied it when we were talking on the phone. Third, there are little problems in...
If hardware design were physics, Jony Ive would be Einstein. If UI design were opera, Jony Ive would be a lounge singer. 
Well, we can put our reactions on http://www.apple.com/feedback    It helps to vent. And who knows, maybe someone will read it and care.
One enterprise that Apple never managed to penetrate is Apple.
Go to netcraft.com and check apple.com and icloud.com. They are not running on OS X. Army.mil used to run on OS X, but it doesn't any more.
There is a difference between reflected colors (such as on poster boards and computer hardware) and projected color (such as on a monitor). All this white would look great on a poster board, but it is painful to look at on a monitor. Apple does not use Mail internally, they use Outlook, which means they use Outlook Exchange running on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. iCloud is hosted at least in part on Windows and Linux servers. They never used Pages, which is why they...
I made the mistake of trusting Apple software. Pages 4 is mission critical for me. Can anyone tell me if 10.9.2 breaks Pages 4?
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