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    I don't think anyone is concerned about strain within labor relations, but rather that the French idea of what is acceptable and unacceptable work/working hours/working conditions is much more conservative than the rest of the world.   I have no problem if foreigners want to view those type of work restrictions as commentary on the political and social values of the country...because those work restrictions were put in place by the people of France. They chose to set...
Yep. That article makes no logical sense. This is manipulation, pure and simple, given the timing of the release. Amazing.
That comment really is beyond the pale, DED. There is certainly feature disparity between google and apple's mapping products, but taken as a whole, google is providing a better overall experience. That fact is substantiated by the legions of people who are rightly upset at the lack of equivalent technology to streetview and poor international mapping data present iOS6 maps. People are upset because the collective perception is that the most desired features in a mobile...
I'm still wondering why there is no forum specific view for the iPhone (unless I missed something). Reading comments defaults to the non-mobile version of the site, with tiny text. I can't believe there's no mobile version of the forum client.   Am I missing something?
Although at first I thought it counterintuitive to remove unused pins (what if you need more than 19 pins in a future device? change the connector again?), but looking at the amount of space the connector takes up on the bottom of my iPhone, it IS pretty wide and relatively "tall" or thick compared with the rest of the phone. In fact, I imagine that it and the camera module are significant factors in dictating thickness.   If Apple is yet again attempting to slim...
Yep - makes no sense to have a MacBookpro and a new MacBook with better specs for roughly the same price point. My vote is for continued differentiation between pro and consumer lines. There's no good reason to blur the distinction. "Two" is as simple a dichotomy as can be.
  Yep, looks like that's the case, as my previous post illustrates.
As evidenced by the words chosen in the mis-transcribed attempts, you're pronouncing gazpacho incorrectly. It's gaz-PAH-cho, with a hard z (not an s) sound, and short "a" sounds.
Interesting that Siri has so much difficulty with "gazpacho" for others, because it worked first try for me. I'm guessing that people are pronouncing it differently than expected - the word is gaz-PAH-cho, with a short first and second "A" vowel sound.
Don't worry, I won't use my environmentally insensitive cell phone, produced by foreign labor that was surely underpaid and exploited, to give you the pleasure of spewing forth additional poorly substantiated and largely irrelevant guflaw at my expense. Amazing that you've never posted before, doctor, given your vitriol. You might consider, prior to posting such a comment, that your '61 Austin Healey Sprite, however enjoyable, is not "environmentally responsible". Good...
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