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What's the deal with Verizon? Do they require a dedicated SIM? Also, even if the SIM is locked to ATT, when traveling to another country can't you still buy a local SIM to use? The device isn't locked to any carrier, only the Apple SIM.
I have a 32G 4S, and Amazon offers $182 for it. Not cash, however; only store credit.
You can't find out currently, unless you have T-Mobile. Perhaps you do. If it works on you earlier phone with iOS8, let us know.
From ExtremeTech http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/189786-iphone-6-and-iphone-6-plus-complete-global-cell-coverage-with-best-in-class-lte-and-wireless-connectivity   "Apple is also introducing WiFi Calling with iOS 8, and unlike VoLTE, this will be available with earlier iPhones with the iOS 8 update. However, with the newest iPhones, WiFi Calling will also have handover capability with cellular and back. This allows for seamless usage of cellular or WiFi to support...
The article says T-Mobile will for now be the only carrier that will support this feature on the iPhone 6, when running iOS8. It does not imply that the iPhone 5 or 5s won't support this feature when iOS 8 rolls out. After all, T-Mobile announced this support in June, long before the iPhone 6 was a gleam in your ISP's eye.
Who is your grandfathered unlimited plan with, T-Mobile? I have ATT and can't find any indication that I can keep the grandfathered unlimited plan anymore. Truth be told, I've never used that much data anyway, since I switched to my iPad for heavy data use (over wifi)/
 Also lacks Amazon's prices. Although the Amazon prices come as store credit not as cash, and can't be applied to the purchase of an iPhone 6 (I don't think). But you may need to buy a case, and spare cables, and xmas shopping season is coming...
I'm puzzled about the radio communication between the watch and iPhone. It's not using NFC since the 5 series phones don't have it; so it's either a personal WIFI network or Bluetooth, with the latter more likely. If it's Bluetooth, and one wants to use Bluetooth earphones to listen to the music on the iPhone in your pocket/purse will there be some automatic switching between the two devices (on the iPhone side, I assume)? Does the new Bluetooth spec on the iPhone 6 have...
How much implementation of NFC is currently out there in retail? I assume that hardware at cash registers (grocery stores, restaurants, gas pumps, movie theaters, etc) will need to be installed.  I've never seen any so far. Are there other phones that have NFC now? I can imagine there would have to be a portable unit that a waitperson can bring to your table for payment. Hopefully Apple will produce the numbers and demand for the tech to become ubiquitous.
I think it's useful to know that once one enters clam shell mode, the computer goes to sleep, unless you are using a bluetooth keyboard to wake it. I use a Henge dock with a 2010 MacBook Pro, and have had no heat issues keeping it in vertical position: heat dissipates through the greater exposure of surface area; instead of heat building up when the device sits in its normal laptop mode.
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