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Since Apple Maps (and voice navigation) is built into CarPlay why would one require a navigation unit from the car manufacturer?   Also. does anyone know if CarPlay is limited only to Apple Maps? Can one use another map application or GPS nav app on your phone?
Since most iPhone users are going to hold out on upgrading until they can get the subsidized price from their cell provider, I don't see Apple releasing a new unit until September the earliest. I for one can't get ATT to allow me to upgrade until September, and millions of others are in the same boat. It wouldn't look good for sales numbers if the phone was release to minimum adoption. It's bad enough that rumors imply Apple will demand a$100 more from the cell providers,...
There's no mention of what format the images are. I assume it's too much to hope there is a way to shoot RAW, but I suspect they will be JPEG, at least on the phone. While the larger 1 inch sensor has more features, it's only 3x zoom. Is that due to the larger sensor size?
Leaked parts images have become a daily occurrence. But so far I haven't seen/heard about any improvements to the camera. I don't expect more megapixels, but I'm wonder if more powerful processors will improve image quality (over the 4S) for either stills or video.
I didn't have a battery issue (on iPhone 4) and still don't after updating to 5.0.1. But I did have certain Location Services shut off prior to the update (those suggested a few weeks back in order to avoid excess battery drain) and noticed that the update turned them back on again. I shut them off again and have had no problems. However I am not using iCloud, which I'm guessing is the source of a lot of battery issues for those who are taking a lot of photos and having...
Facebook for iPad is now available in App store. It's a universal App, so it is also the iPhone/Touch version.
You can copy/paste a photo into an email. Press your finger on the image until the copy balloon comes up; tap the word copy so it turns blue. Go back to your email and hit reply and paste the image in.
There has been talk for some time that once the North Carolina server farm goes on line, iTunes will start delivering movies in 1080p. When that happens the iPad2 will be able to send them to your HDTV [although if you have an Apple TV you can bypass the iPad entirely and go from iTunes on your computer to the Apple TV to HDTV directly]
Typically, with a DSLR, it is better to do HDR by taking multiple exposurers with a range of shutter speeds while keeping the f-stop (aperature) the same. This eliminates depth of focus anomilies that will otherwise occur. In other words, stopping the lens down will increase the depth of focus, making part of the image in focus; the other range of exposures, with the lens aperature open wider, will result in the smae object possibly being out of focus. It's harder to...
AirPlay and AppleTv won't play your Apps on the TV, only media can be streamed from iDevices to the TV screen. The AppleTV can also stream media from your computer also. Using a Mac Mini has a media center does enable the playing of MacOSX games on the big screen, plus internet games.
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