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Hmm. I did what you said but it seems I cannot drag that file into the screen, just like I can't drag it anyplace else. I tried the same thing with another file and it did drag into the Terminal.
Hello! I'm not sure what the origin of my problem is, but I suspect has something to do with Microsoft Word (holding back all biased comments), because at about the time I downloaded a teacher's assignment in Word format, a strange, unrelated file appeared on my desktop called "Word Work File D_1405282090," and I have no idea what that means. The problem is that I can't delete, move, or open it. The only explanation I get is, upon trying to send it to the Trash, "The...
I'm not sure what this is, everything was fine a couple days ago. Then tonight when I opened a picture folder I noticed that some of the files were correctly named, but the thumbnails were of pics that do not belong there--they're not even from the same album. And then some of the thumbnails have this distorted screwy look: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y2/...g?t=1240280318 Should I be worried? Obviously something's not right. The only irregular routine I can think...
I've never seen anything like this. It started out as humorous, but now it's just aggravating. I even tried updating the software the the latest version, and it still opens on its own, with no apparent prompting, after I have quit the program. It must be manifesting! Help please? I'm on Mac OS X.
What's the silly ad on Facebook talking about with this? http://chooseyourcolor.com/?lid=CYC_...&addomain_id=8 There are also ads like this for iPhones I think. It's phony, right? What do they do, spray paint them?
(Oops, I meant to title this "iPod Classic or Nano.") Hey thar, I'm looking to replace my iPod (I had a 60GB Vid that got stolen), and I was wondering whether I should get a Classic or Nano. I've read threads in the past making fun of Nanos and saying they're nothing but a $200 dollar paperweight because they break so easily. But that was two years ago. I'd think any durability issues would be solved by now. Right? (Of course anything will last longer if you take care...
This may be a long shot, because my problem is (I think) extremely odd, but I hope someone can help me. I have a Nikion Coolpix camera that has for the last year successfully transferred pics onto my Mac via USB cable, and a couple days ago the computer suddenly stopped recognizing that the camera is connected. I don't think I actually installed the camera software on my computer because it seemed to work well without. I'd just plug the camera in, turn it on, and a...
Haha! That looks like fun. So I suppose Macs still safe for the most part?
I'm not sure if this is the right forum. I apologize if it's not! Anyway, a PC-loving friend of mine was just trying to scare me with this YouTube: Click To be honest, that's the coolest virus I've ever seen! But I imagine it would be a real pain after the amusement faded. Anyone know anything about it? If it's just a hoax? Or are the flawless machines finally in for a wake up call?
Does anyone know if it is possible to change the name of your iPod? Say I want to switch it from "John's iPod" to "Mary's iPod." Can that be done? I'm not finding any options for that. Thank you!
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