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Imagine air dropping over a WAN..
They only included the gestures in the beta SDK for 4.3 but removed them for the public release. sucks! I would love to ditch double clicking that dippy home button every time i want to switch an app. at least it's on the horizon, eh?
Those international rates are so obscene... $15K+ for a GB of data? Oh yea- electrons crossing a border.. mm hmm. totally justified. You know- because there are magical portal devices that burn unicorn poop for power to facilitate the transport of these AMAZING Kbs... what a fucking joke.
You are like the guy who actually tries to buy the products in all that spam going around....I wonder when collective human consciousness will finally get over the hump and stop being manipulated as a large and currently 100% reliable gullible population out in the internet audience. Articles based on, not only speculation, but speculation that doesn't even make sense when compared to reality still somehow affect people who seem to buy anything. It's like hearing about...
I see your point. Maybe I shouldn't have treated him like a hopeless case. Here's to hoping he brings a bit more in house thinking to his brain pan as opposed to buying lock stock and barrel into anything the internet serves him.
what? are we in kindergarten? There's nothing else to be said for that kind of patsy. Should I hold his hand and perpetuate his gullibility?
Next time you read a rumor like this and get scared bitch slap yourself in the mirror for being a sucker. god damn- no wonder these analysts put this shit out.. mad suckers lapping it up...
They need to put ib00ks on OSX.
This is nothing but good for us consumers... and badass for shareholders I can't wait to see how this plays out as well. I mean... will apple turn these carriers into the music recording industry or what? .. oh yea.. and I'm especially looking forward to seeing what happens with android.
I wonder what their other share holdings are... It'd look mighty suspicious if they had large holdings in apples competitors.
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