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sounds like you need to park
I hope his temper tantrum wasn't directed at his girl initially
I just had two macallan 25s... so forgive me if I am not getting this... Are you guys comparing kinects and ipads? wtf?
because bullshit walks
stock splits do have an impact. in some cases they can be beneficial for a company in distress... and in many cases the can be disparaging to a company's value. take apple for instance. when apple was was in the sub $150 range it was far more open to day trading bullshit along with stock manipulation via "news". Apple doing a stock split would have zero benefits. Steve Jobs is very aware of all of this. His health was a huge basis of manipulation. Anyone remember...
Wedbush is a small brokerage company. They also let smaller hedgefunds white label their services whilst using wedbush infrastructure/back office services. Also- if people won't pay $300 for a winner stock.. then too bad so sad. I am glad apple is finally out of the price range of ditsy day traders and small time investors who panic at every news story.
I'm sorry.. but dr.millmoss obviously read too much motley fool sites and stuff. maybe he knows basic technicals.. but so what? so does everyone else.
it is a lagging indicator. a few lead, and a lot follow. you can ride the gravy train, or be the last dude standing with no chair. it is totally rigged against the small time "day trader". someone who invests long term is quite insulated against pro traders as long as you do your homework. it isn't rational because it is run by emotion... but that's why you can make a lot of money as well. The reason why you should invest is because you can make more money over a long term...
a major rule of investing.. you can't save people from themselves. haha.
I was on the trading floor in 97. Was an awesome time. So, I'm not sure you've had anywhere near the investing experience I've had. Nonetheless, Good luck with your "trends".
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