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it'd be fun to see millmoss' financial records.
it doesn't matter what you say. some people will make up their mind to believe anything and there is nothing you can do about it. it's pretty amazing really.
makes sense.
Managed accounts are the biggest rip off in history. citi tries to charge $600 commission per trade. Including if you do an Internet trade. Pfft! what a joke. Only a sucker would pay that.
who the hell listens to analysts anyways? If I listed to even the analysts at my broker- I'd have a lot less money. I was their best performing client the lat two years by virtue of simply hanging onto my apple stock. I think anyone trying to day trade now a days are fools.
what are they at JP? nice price target!
Some people think they are cool and it's all based on their assertion that something most people like "sucked". Nothing you can do for those folks.
for being a billionaire.. he shoulda been smart enough to file this in east texas and bought the judge a few gifts. Just like everyone else who sues apple.
hahaha... perfect point. It should be optional. There are many great reasons to NOT use a real name for some stuff on the internet. To think apple using real names will make the internet a safer place is to be SORELY mistaken. The internet isn't going to change for that reason. And yet, you will still be open to personal damage by using your real name in a gaming community. Apple ID = Real Name = email address/ichat= ways to find your IP address= narrows down your...
It's funny because the SEC doesn't even know how to regulate much less is aware of a lot of stuff that is going on. Just wait until they start talking about dark liquidity pools. I bet that will come up when the SEC figures out it exists. That is even worse for the individual trader. Basically, large brokerages take in vast order flow- especially on some stocks (could be anything electronically traded in fact) and they privatize that order flow by giving internal...
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