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Again, false. There is no evidence of that. The responsibility is on the provider- this bs where it;s thrown on their customers is the most ridiculous profit strategy I have ever heard. Only people who don't understand technology at all and are sensitive to playground mentalities of sharing and being greedy like we are talking about cookies at nap time fall into line and side with ATT. By the way, all of these opines on the matter along these lines is strictly emotional...
FALSE. There is no evidence whatsoever of that.
I'm not going to speculate on much about this.. but it would be interesting if apple did offer this. I would suspect it has to do with the lodsys patent lawsuits going after developers for using apple's in-app purchasing API.
For real... I guess there's solace in spending all your waking hours in a fantasy world., but me? I prefer a balance where real life takes precedence.. like getting laid is huge on my list. when you play that many games, somehow the singular instinctual (sex) drive that got us here as a species drives the hardcore gamer to get married to pixels in skyrim. how yikes is that? Sony, as a business has lost their way, and they completely lost their focus on the customer. vita,...
Isn't this about samsung stealing IP, not customers?
dude.. lay off the glue.
What's the next round of commercials? Making fun of apple for having all that money?
Isn't it disturbing?
Toni Sacconaghi!? How embarrassing to quote a FAIL like him for an article. he doesn't understand apple at all. They may as well ask the homeless woman in my hood what she thinks Cook will do or think. Fukeeng JOKE.
so- now you see the folly of even saying i can't take care of my stuff in response?my shit is stored on a SAN. but apple makes a lot of stuff easy to get on my 50MB internet connection as well. I do a lot of high tech stuff you as a physical media clinging consumer won't be able to understand until it's your only option i guess. just like sony likes.so i'll just pat you on the head and send you on your way. EOD. Sony says hi, btw. they love peeps like you.
New Posts  All Forums: