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so- now you see the folly of even saying i can't take care of my stuff in response?my shit is stored on a SAN. but apple makes a lot of stuff easy to get on my 50MB internet connection as well. I do a lot of high tech stuff you as a physical media clinging consumer won't be able to understand until it's your only option i guess. just like sony likes.so i'll just pat you on the head and send you on your way. EOD. Sony says hi, btw. they love peeps like you.
sorry- no longer interested in talking to a little girl like tattle tale simpleton. you are done.
I didn't insult you- I insulted the laziness of your response. But I'm not surprised by your hypersensitivity Again- the chuckles keep coming. don;t change man. haha.
Of course, everything drains power. That's not a good point, and sadly, it is what it is. I never said I don't take care of my things. I don't own over 500 movies tho. I have a lot better things to do with my time. Howse your hundreds of CDs, cassettes, and 8 tracks treating ya? Hoard much? Again, no valid point to what I said. Maybe you shouldn't clutter your home with hundreds of plastic discs, cases, and shelves to store it? I'm not taking any pisses, but you missed...
Hahaha. Nice rumor blurb. I'd have throw out some knowledge bombs on ya and point out FACTS... But blah blah. I realize the level of intellect I'm dealing with. truth hurt? Going to tattle on me? Thanks for the chuckle.
Actually- Apple worked with BDA in establishing the format. most likely to help kill off DVD-HD or whatever it was Msft was backing. Apple just doesn't ship blu-ray optical drives with their devices- because by the time it was ready- it was too expensive to put in without jacking up the price at a time when people were already dismissive of macs due to perceived costs over a msft PC.And besides- who didn't see the writing on the wall that digital downloads were going to be...
This is the new game. Over guess the stock so it continuously disappoints. I'd love to see Oppenheimer grow a set and rail these analysts back instead of joyously exclaiming what an "awesome " "best ever" qtr they had and gush about it. take these analysts on the earnings call to task. personally ream their records. WTF can the analysts do but get lambasted? they can't black ball apple more than they do with their lazy incorrect manipulation saturated analysis......
9 figs.. so 100M at least? haha.. GL getting a better offer for something that will easily become obsolete. talk about missing opportunities.
...it seems that another end game is that it should always be aware- and literally button free.. just announce Siri - and it activates.. but then again- it'd be nice to nam fit shithead too. or fartsmoker. or peen or. you know.. even uncle buck. or mr belvedere. or hank. and of course- a wide variety of voices!
IT seems on the west coast- as all of us get our phones- siri can't connect to the network.. yet a friend of mine in Chicago says her phone is working great with Siri. I would think it's initially a smart move to make siri live to a central network to learn and adapt- but it's had dot say right now because it's kind of back firing for now. no doubt it will clear up and become awesome- but apple needs to make sure the end game is to make it a client on each device- that...
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